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Doing cards while on benefits?

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  • Doing cards while on benefits?

    I have been making cards for a few years now, I have mostly been selling them to family and friends, and tried a shop for a while but didn't sell any so I stopped, I have been to one craft fair which didn't go very good either, the thing is, is my card making is more of a hobbie than a money making thing I do not have a registered name or business for my cards I have thought about starting my own website but do not know if this would interefere with my benefits when I did the craft fair I informed the benefit agency and they said it was fine but if I start a website or some other form of selling my cards would I then be classed as having my own business? I currently get incapacity and disability allowance and can not go to work due to a illness my cards are my outlet and I love making them but find I don't know what to do with them all when I have finished as anyone got any ideas about what I could do and if it would affect my benefits at all
    thanks kim

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    If you are receiving money or reward in exchange for goods or services then you need to register as self employed. If you call the iR or the benefits help line, they should be able to tell you the earning requirements of your particular benefit.
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      Kim go and see a Disability adviser at the job centre- if you work less than 16 hours a week and earn under a certain amount you can work and not lose benefits
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        Okay thanks for the advice i will go and see the disability advisor and see what they say