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    we are constantly being told that our cards are too cheap my argument has always been that we get lots of returning customers as we are reasonably priced and people know that we won't rip them off , however without sounding big headed our cards are improving all the time and maybe they warrant a higher price tag
    one idea we have had is to raise the prices on our website for new customers and keep them the same for our loyal regular customers who can contact us directly
    but how much should we charge , what sort of prices would you be happy to pay for our creations

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    I think that you could definitely raise your prices. Are you able to cover all of your costs - materials, time, etc? I wouldn't be able to cover my costs at the prices you charge. I find that the main cost for me is my time. Work out what you need to make a small profit, and use that as a basis. I suppose it depends whether you class your cards as a business or a hobby that you love, and are happy to do whether it makes any money or not.

    I'm too tired tonight to be able to properly put into words what I want to say - I'm in the middle of a large order for a shop at the moment, and my baby is teething! (They definitely don't go together!)

    Hopefully I might have been of some help?!

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      You know how I feel! (I'm such a nag) but I agree with Emma - I couldn't afford to charge what you do - you guys still need to make a profit!


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        As a card maker myself, I think you could easily double the price of your cards.
        Just think about the cards in High Street shops like Clintons. How many mass produced cards would you see in there for £1.25, and yet your cards are handmade.
        I think many of us fall into the trap when we start up of not charging a realistic price because we don't feel confident enough, but by the time you realise that you could and should get more for your work, you're selling quite well and it seems really difficult to increase prices in case you lose customers.
        But let's face it, you can double your prices and lose half your customers because of it, but you're still making the same amount of money for half the work!
        A good rule of thumb if you are serious about your business is to think about the absolute minimum you could charge for a card, ie the wholesale price - what you would sell it for to a shop and still be able to make a profit, and then double it. Because in your case you are acting like a shop in your own right - you are incurring costs and time in selling the finished item direct to the public, just like a shop would.
        The trade price we have on our cards is £ 1.50 plus vat. The retail price on our website is £3.50 because we feel it is only fair to the shops we supply that we sell the cards for the same amount they would which is twice £1.50 + VAT.
        In our own shop, however we sell the cards for £3.00 reasoning that we have no overheads to pay as our shop is in our own garden ground and rates are negligible and we don't have to pay someone to man the shop as we are working in the studio part of it anyway.
        OK I'm going to shut up now as yet again I've rambled on. One last thing though, if your customers say things like "What lovely cards and how reasonably priced they are!" that means you selling them too cheap!!
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          Oh my god

          How on earth are you making it pay?

          I've just looked at your site and your cards are way to good to be that cheap. But i also think your right about changing the prices on the website and rewarding existing loyal customers by keeping the old prices for them.

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            I certainly think that you need to increase your prices!

            It could be that some of your regular customers are buying because they're so cheap (sort of reverse ripoff) and not through a sense of loyalty.

            If you feel that regular customers are actually loyal customers just add a small increase for them.

            If you're so much cheaper than other cardmakers then are you actually out of step??
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              I agree with all the previous comments that your cards are way under-priced.

              You have to value yourself and the ideas and creativity you put into your lovely cards. And let's face it, if people are telling you that they're cheap (and that's what people mean when they say good value!!) then you are undervaluing them and yourself.

              I think you have to take the bull by the horns and decide to put your prices UP. It's good that you want to preserve loyalty of existing customers but I think you'd be making life very difficult for yourself if you had two different price structures. What if they recommend a friend to you and then the friend has to pay double what they pay?

              If it was me I'd email all of them, say that you're going to have to increase prices and give them a gift voucher to thank them for their loyalty and hope they'll continue to purchase from you. If they don't - well, as someone else said, you could lose half of them and still be making the same as you were with less work and outlay. But I bet you won't lose many!!


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                thanks for all the replies , I totally agree with what you're all saying
                our prices to cover everything apart from time which is what I'm starting to think is the problem
                if we could knock a card out in 2 minutes we'd be fine but the designs we're coming up with especially hubby take a lot longer than that
                I'm just not sure that in credit crunch times its the right time to put our prices up ??


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                  The crunch applies to you also - are your costs rising?

                  How about continuing with your simple "Credit Crunch" range and putting the other prices up - especially commissions?
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                    Speaking as one of your customers, I think your prices are way too cheap.

                    If you go into Tesco they do a cheap range for 99p but an average card costs £3.95 or £4.50 these are mass produced cards nothing special.

                    I think for a personalised card made to order £5.00 is a reasonable price.
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                      That's true - I had a custom card from Sunrise and I'd have paid £5 if that had beeen quoted (feeling guilty now) as the recipient thought it was great.
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                        gosh hun way too cheap - your stuff is so lovely!! But I do know where you are coming from I struggled with this until a friend refused to pay cheap for one of my cards and MADE me put my prices up lol... I did one for another friend and told her £2 and she refused and gave me £4 !!!

                        Cards like your chocolate one need to be about £4 definately its sooooo nice and your others are lovely so need to be higher.

                        I tend to do "mates rates" for really good friends but anyone else I charge full prices.
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                          my cards range from £1.99 (some 5x7 and DL) to £4.75 (large A3 cards) and I often get the comment that these are very reasonable. Occasionally I hear someone say they are a bit expensive but they are someone who would not buy from a card shop, only the supermarket budget, dont appreciate the work and love thats gone into a HANDMADE CARD and would not buy even if you charged half the price lol!
                          I try to keep them reasonable but it depends on the toppers and embellishments I have used, if they include metal hands or tags for example I put the price up as these cost a bit to buy in.
                          I do some craft fairs as I have said before but I make cards more of a hobby not a business so probably do underprice my stuff as I am only concerned that it funds more materials really, I aim to make sure that I make £1 at least per card after cost of material that definitely is less than minimum wage when you think how long one can take to make.
                          If you are a business you need to make more than that!
                          Your prices are too low, people are buying your time and expertise dont forget! Id say to loyal customers that you are putting prices up on website but as they are repeat customers you will be holding prices for them for 3/6 months or giving them a discount of x%


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                            right I'm going to put my prices up but will backdate them so elaine and Alice you owe me ha ha ha I am only joking promise
                            I really cant' believe that you would have paid £5 for the cards thats really taken me back
                            Meljov5 you've taken the words out of my mouth, I was thinking about this last night and taking into account all of your comments
                            cuckoos nest I can see what you're saying about two different price structures and how if they recommended a friend they could end up paying more and then I was thinking about how the gas/ electric people fix their prices for so long and it suddenly clicked that I could fix my loyal customers prices for an amount of time to reward them and still put prices up for new customers

                            I particularly like this comment

                            "But let's face it, you can double your prices and lose half your customers because of it, but you're still making the same amount of money for half the work! "

                            I really don't think I'm brave enough to charge £5 for a normal sized card though
                            but I can see where you're all coming from
                            I think the problem is when we first started we were very new to this and although our cards were good they weren't anything special but I hate saying this as it might sound big headed and I'm not that type of person but they are improving all the time and we are pretty pleased with what we create.
                            I just can't believe people would pay higher prices for our creations and yes Elaine you are right our costs are rising as well to be honest I hadn't thought of that ( stupid I suppose lol )
                            at the end of the day we are doing alright making money out of our little venture and again I know it sounds stupid and you are soooooooooooo going to shout at me but I hate people thinking we're only doing it to make profit which I know sounds completely stupid but we love what we do and love liasing with our customers and making them something , I dont' want people thinking we're only doing it for the money does that make sense ??
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                              I totally understand, if you are doing it for the love of doing it and you are covering costs and enjoying yourself and the reactions you get when others see your cards then carry on as you are!! If you are doing it to make money as a business which you need to live on its a different matter x x