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  • Some recent stuff...

    ...a few new cards in my album - please tell me what you think!
    (be brutal - as I'm hoping to start selling soon and would like to know what works and what doesn't!)
    ..much appreciated!
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    Just had a look at your latest pics and they are georgous. I like the elegance of them plus anything with cherries on has got to be beautiful.


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      I love the 2nd 1,not to sure on the 3rd but thats down to personal taste.

      Your cards are great 100x better than my recent attempts.


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        They are gorgeous!! the Cherry one is my favourite!!

        I would have chosen the third one as my favourite as i love the design but i wasn't sure that "Make a wish" fitted that particular card, that is just me being overly critical probably but you did ask and it is a totally personal opinion.

        But otherwise i would definately buy one



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          Lovely cards, and I'm sure you'll have lots of luck selling them


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            I really like all your cards, I've only just started selling my cards, I've sold the grand total of 7, 4 of which we made to order commissions, it gives you a real buzz. Your cards will sell well I'm sure they are a little different from a lot of the cards out there which I think is great. Well done, if you get a chance check out my profile, I've put some albums of my newest stuff on there.

            Big smiles. xxx

            'If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain sometimes'



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              Thankyou for looking and commenting everyone - all feedback appreciated !

              Capcuu - you have to click onto my profile to view the pics in my album.
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                Very pretty and different (in a fab way) they definitely appeal to me!
                Love the fruity one and would love to see a 'fruity' range in this style!

                Although I really like the style of 'make a wish' there is no reason / occasion I can think of that I would buy a card with that as a message. That is IMO and obviously doesn't mean no one would buy it.
                It is only mild criticism in that it perhaps reduces the appeal and narrows down the purpose of a lovely card.
                I think you have a great sense of style and colour - these I am sure will be great sellers - no smoke blowing involved that is my honest opinion
                Terry xxx
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                  Hi again - I think everyone's confirmed what I thought of the 'make a wish' card - I think it's better as a pic rather than a 'greetings card'. Maybe I need to have a rethink and could do greetings cards but also pictures on canvas or in frames (or something like that!) - any suggestions welcome!


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                    Lovely cards, good luck
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                      Hi there

                      I think the cards are great - you have a lovely and very individual style to your work. I would certainly buy from you!!
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