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    I'm interested to know how long it takes to get into handmaking cards and whether it's possible to earn an income online with them?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


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    hi, doesnt take long depending on your style of cards!

    a living can be made, depending on price of cards etc but it can be a hard slog as there are so many people doing it these days
    Sally x


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      Thank you for replying. Do you mean earning a living selling crafts on the internet? I haven't even started making any cards yet, is it easy to get into. I think it's something I would be interested in though. I'm also interested in making dolls costumes such as knitting victorian style dresses and that type of thing. Do you know if they can sell well online?

      Ps. I like your site.



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        I just sell my cards in work at the moment (sold about £300 since November). I enjoy doing it as a hobby, but i couldn't make a living out of it as i spend to long making each one. Many people do live off the income, but even if you can't it's a great sideline for a little extra income and it's so theraputic (sorry can't spell) fiddling with bits of paper when the kids have gone to bed (bottle of wine for insperation aswell).
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          The lady, my daughter gets her craft supplies off, sells her handmade cards at boot sales she also stocks all the craft stuff too.
          She says she makes a bit on the cards and the money she gets from the craft items tops it up.
          Maybe thinking on those terms she can afford to fund her hobby!

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            *Ps. I like your site.*

            I like your site too Goldie. I find it a little strange that you are asking OUR advice though.


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              I have my own online shop and do ok, its new but fun, got it with craftmarkets, web addy is in my profile if you want a peak.


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                So how many cards do you roughly sell a month from this site? just curious whether it's something worth investigating further!