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    Hey All,

    I am attempting to make vintage style card for my Mum and Stepdads wedding anniversary in July.

    I have got everything sorted to put together except for the words. I have printed them off ready to cut and stick on but I want to give them that distressed look. Kind of how we did it at school with teabags whenever we did a treasure map or letter from war!!

    But I am not sure how to do it? You don't actually use teabags do you??

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    Why not? It worked in highschool... That or coffee granules... but I'll leave the real answer to the experts
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      I use a roasting tray, fill the bottom with water, swish some coffee granules(smells nicer than tea) in it then soak the paper in it.

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        You can get spray paint where you spray on a base coat, i.e. dark brown, then the top coat directly afterwards (ligher brown) and the 2 colours sort of crackle together and marble into each other. I really like the effect and think it looks natural and earthy, might not look so distressed though


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          When I've used the teabag trick, I wet the teabag, squeeze the excess water out, then swish n dab the teabag (technical term!) over the card. Don't use too much water though or it'll warp the card!

          I've now found Tim Holtz though (not literally, just his products ) - his Distress ink pads are fab! - and will give the same effect when sponged on with cut n dry foam or stippling brushes.


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            I get some burnt sienna paint ( watercolour or acrylic) water it down so it looked like muddy water then take a sponge and then rub or spoonge over the project....start with a light coat then build it up for a deeper colour.

            hope this helps



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              I used to spend hours with the tea bags, coffee, and other concoctions... then I found a stamp pad... tim holtz does some fab colours.

              Saves time and mess!


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                You can also scrunch up the card or paper to give it crinkles and then wipe the ink pad over the high bits, that looks interesting. A bit of sandpaper or wire wool makes a worn look and if you then ink around the edges it sort of highlights it all. There are some sprays you can get as well as ink pads, but with ink pads you could water down any colour and paint it on and then sand down to distress even more...and a bit of ripping looks good to
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