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this is getting silly

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  • this is getting silly

    got loads of orders but have worked non stop since last weekend and I mean non stop !!!! finally getting so that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel we're by no means finished but was organised so that we know what cards we're making and when
    came home to another order for 8 more cards this is crazy with a capital C lol

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    Don't knock it. What a happy situation to be in. Carry on like this and you will need a wheelbarrow to take your money to the bank. lol.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      thats fantastic

      could be much worse you could be sat twiddling your thumbs
      Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes CAN change your life !!

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        And you're complaining?!
        "I was inoculated, very early in life, against all forms of magic and elfin whimsy, even when convincingly disguised as literature." Clive James
        Click the scales- rep points are for life, not just for Xmas!


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          Absolutely - do not complain. There is a recession on and you are busy - can't be bad.


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            how can you be that busy and not be confident about your work ?!
            great news, well done! - and thanks, the bookmark is fab.


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              I'm not complaining promise
              but like you say its a recession and we're rushed off our feet and never in a million , trillion , billion years did I think it would all end up like this
              its mad lol


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                What you complaining about????????

                I know it's hard work but I wish I was busy with orders, as it is I'm making mosaics for future fairs knowing at the back of my mind that I will probably be bringing them all back home with me!!!!

                Roll on a sale or three for me (please)!

                Well done and hope that it keeps up!

                My daughter still has the bookmark that you made for her, way back before Christmas when I first joined the forum!!!
                Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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                  Your mosaics are beautiful Dianne, sooner or later they will all sell. You will have no probs.
                  God helps them that help themselves.