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    Well since getting my first order to make two cards for my friend on Friday I have now sold 5 cards, 3 made to order and the other 2 some that I already had in stock and I have another order to make for next week. I am chuffed, all it took was having the confidence to take my cards to work and people love them!!!!

    There is no stopping me now one of girls I work with is organising an event in August and I've agreed to have a table there!!! It's not a craft event but is going to involve lots of people displaying and selling (hopefully). Also she wants me to be the only person doing cards as she wants a lot of variety. She really wants me to do some demonstrations, but I'm not so sure that I am ready for this, we'll see. I might make some packs up though, maybe partly done for children so that they can finish them off themselves.

    I have also found out that our A level IT students maybe able to create a website for me.. for free as part of a new module they have to do next year... not sure yet need to check with the Head of Department.

    I have so many ideas, I'm going to have to start writing them down...the housework is really going to suffer now, there just isn't going to be time!!!


    'If you want the rainbow you have to put up with the rain sometimes'

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    that's fantastic news - well done!