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  • Advice please.

    Hi everyone,

    I checked out Misi last night it seems like a great site. As I am fairly new to crafting and card making I haven't sold anything yet, although I have had some interest from work.

    I have only put a few of my cards in my album on here (I was logged on last week as helshellsbutler, but after some teckie probs I have re-registered as rosieandhim).

    I was thinking of maybe giving Misi a go for some of my cards. I have made quite a few Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood cards recently and I was thinking of going for a Hollywood Greats/Celeb theme. What do you think?

    My hubby said he wasn't sure how or if they'd go at all, I told him I knew who to ask, the experts!!!

    I'm not going to do anything just yet we are going on a long awaited holiday to my Mum's in Spain after the bank holiday. I hope to pick up some nice tiles while I'm there, thinking of branching out craft wise!

    Bigs smiles everyone. xxx
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