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Help Please re. Embossing

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  • Help Please re. Embossing

    Not sure if I have put this in the right place but any info would be much appreciated.

    I have some really nice gift boxes for my jewellery but would like to put my name on the tops of them. They have a slight texture, but was wondering if i could emboss the logo on - would this work and what would i need.



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    It would depend what/how you want to emboss.. and the surface of the box.. but in principle, there's no reason why not..

    2 methods you could use are embossing powders, or paste.

    The powders are more flexible, but may present more difficulties..

    The basic technique is to use an embossing stamp pad (slow drying inks - either clear, or coloured) and a rubber/acrylic stamp. Basically you stamp your design on to the box, and sprinkle generously with embossing powder of your choice, tip off the excess, and heat it with a craft heat gun (Dont use a hair dryer, it wont work!). You can also get a dula tip Emboss Writer "pen" with clear embossing ink, that may resolve the issue of the texture if a stamp doesn't work..

    The "problems" I can think of may be as follows..

    The textured surface may be too rough to get a good stamped impression.
    The box may have a surface that is not compatible with the ink pad..
    Heating the embossing powder may damage the box, depending how it is made..

    Embossing paste is also an option, you need a stencil for your design, the paste, and a spreader.. basically, you smear a thick coating of the paste over the top of the stencil (try fixing it in place with a low tack spray or tape) then lift off the stencil carefully, leaving the image behind on the box.

    The disadvantage of this is that you may have to have a stencil made if there is something specific you want on the box, and it is not a quick process cleaning off the stencil in between each box..


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      I forgot to mention, if you use powders, you might find using an anti static pad is useful, it neutralises the charge in the paper surface, so the excess embossing powder is far less likely to stick to it, giving you a clean and clear image.

      You can get the pads from Ebay etc as well as your local crafting stores.


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        Thank you so much, I will give it a go.
        Packaging is proving to be such an issue, the little pouches I really want are cheaper than the boxes but I have to order so many it will end up at nearly £2000!
        Maybe next year.

        Thanks again


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          If you cant find anyone locally with the stuff to emboss, feel free to send an old or damaged one to me, and I will give it a go, before you invest in powders etc..


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            Fab, thanks a million that is great


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              Can you not make the boxes? Little origami boxes take 5 mins to make.
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                wow they look great but i honestly dont think i would have the patience to make that many boxes.
                Maybe i will do a few for family and friends for christmas etc though for that personal touch.




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                  Could you emboss the name onto a seperate piece of card, then stick that onto the box to avoid any damage to the box?


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