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Best way to photograph cards for website. ?

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  • Best way to photograph cards for website. ?


    does anyone have any tips on how to get the best out of taking pics of made cards for their website ?

    I have took some for mine but not happy with them at all.

    It so hard to get the light right, or the flash bleaches it, or reflection on the card itself. I am not a very good snapper and could do with some pointers.

    Many thanks. xx

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    Do you have a scanner? I find that is quite a good way of capturing the image of my cards that I don't have as basic designs already on my computer. It is not perfect, but quite an easy way to do it.


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      I saw on someones blog once... can't remeber who's or I would link it, they had made a 4 sided box shape, back, 2 sides and base, with white card and had a lamp shining over the top and didn't use a flash. Her cards on her blog were always perfect. I just sit my cards on my desk with my light shining down on them and no flash on my camera, they look of but not perfect.
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        The best tip given to me by a friend who is a professional photograper is to take the picture from above- it adds depth
        ps it wasn't the only tip lol I still need loads of practice with my images
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          Copy lighting is two flashheads through soft boxes or bounced at 45 degrees to your subject. This gives you even flat lighting, you could try to bounce your flash onto a white surface then onto your cards to mimmick this. I have had best results without flash by photographing outside. You could try using white card to direct natural light.
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            All the images on my website were scanned. They're OK, but not exactly stunning. I've just put some new pics on my blog which I quite like - they were photograhed today using natural light - inside, but by a window to get a side light, which I think gives depth to the cards.
            I'm going to use that method for updating the website in future.
            PS I got some professional photos done of the cards a few years ago, and tho' I really rate the photographer, the pics were still not perfect. I think it's just a really difficult thing to get good results with cards.
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              Have you tried a light box Deb? I got mine from amazon, I think they are selling for around 10 - 12 pound at the moment.


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                Hi everyone

                Again thanks for all the great tips and advice you have posted. Its certainly helped a great deal... going to be trying out some of the suggestions you have made... so will keep you all posted.

                Thanks again.


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                  The best plan is to take the photos in good daylight, not too sunny, just a bright day. Get the light source behind you, coming over your shoulder. So if you stand in front of a window and have your cards on a table in front of you, that will give the best results. Once you ahve taken your photos get a basic phot editor and crop them, add a little brightness and contrast to them and increase the hue to bring out the colours better. Most basic editors will allow you to do this.

                  Hope that helps.

                  Good luck!

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                    Ooo yes I've just got a lightbox and they're GREAT!! Have to be honest, not tried my cards in it yet but the jewellery pics etc look great...

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