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What die cutting machine to have for xmas?

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  • What die cutting machine to have for xmas?

    My lovely husband wants to buy me a die cutting machine but im not sure which is best. Have been card making for about 6 months now but never tried die cutting so not sure if i will like it plus we are on a budget as just bought our first home together so dont want to spend a lot of money for it to be stuck in a cupboard and hardly used. Any ideas? was thinking of either the tag a long or the big shot but not really sure of the difference
    thanks a million xx

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    I've got a big shot and although I haven't tried it yet (can't until all the Christmas cards are made!), hubby had a little test for me and it looks good! Sorry I can't help anymore than that but if your hubby wants to wait until the new year then I will be able to let you know what I think!
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      It depends on your budget.

      I think that the Cuttlebug is good value for money (around £50-£60) and this will cut most shapes available on the market and will also emboss.

      The other machine that I am after is the Cricut machine (around £300) and this is an electronic cutter and will cut alsorts of wonderful shapes including Disney Characters, which are beautiful.

      Other Die Cutting machines are makes such as:

      The Big Shot

      and I think there are a few others


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        I'm a Cuttlebug-ger (ooh ) and love it, but haven't tried any of the others to compare it to, but I like the fact you can also emboss with it, which you can't do with all of the machines and it will take other manufacturers dies (which again, not all do)

        HTH x
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          My boyfriend just ordered me a cuttlebug for Christmas and I can't wait for it to arrive! Luckily he said i don't have to wait until Christmas - think I would burst if I did!


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            I've got the Cuttlebug & Big Kick & I think the Bickick is far better I'm afraid, I find it's a more sold machine & the platforms are hinged together so less chance of loosing them like I do with the Bug
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              Big Shot for me too...mainly because l die cut all sorts....bits of plastic acetate fabric metal and l love the deep cut dies for very thick card and plastic
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                I have a Big Shot and I love it - the big dies cut all sort of different materials, and most other companies dies work in it. It sits on the corner of my craft table so it's always accessible, and I use it loads.



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                  big shot

                  i love my big shot - i ummed and arred for months about which one to buy but i'm sure i made the right decision with the pink&black sizzix bigshot - it's very versatile - uses any die - embossing stencil and the texture plates arte great too - what made me choose this model was the fact you can cut fabrics and felt and very thick card with it. i LOVE it!

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                    Can anybody advise if there is a big difference between the Blue big shot and the new pink and black one? I have found a decent price on the blue one but if the pink and black is a lot better it would be worth paying the extra.


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                      I know someone who has the Big Shot and she loves it. I think my lovely other half has got me a die cutting machine for Christmas as he waved one about and started talking about it when we went to Hobbycraft last week.


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                        sorry i don't know the differences between the pink and the blue bigshot machine BUT the blue ones i've seen have usually got a starter set with few dies/embossing folders etc with them - the pink&black was just the machine and the cutting platform.

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