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Dont know what to do with inside of card. ??

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  • Dont know what to do with inside of card. ??

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you more experienced cardmakers can give me some advice please.

    I am a total newbie to card making so really just playing at the moment. I have done a few cards, and dont know what to do with the inside.

    Do you tend to leave them blank or put a sheet of paper in ? or even add a verse ?

    Sorry for the questions but really dont know what to do.

    Thanks in advance. xx

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    Hi Dizzy-Deb

    I would recommend putting an insert in them, it makes them look more professional. It would depend on the card as to whether its left blank or not. Hoe a birthday, you can have a standard message like happy birthday on the cover and with love inside or best wishes, for a sympathy card its sometimes easier to leave it blank. Its good to tie the insert up with the front of the card message if you do have one, so its not just repeating what it says on the cover.

    Hope this helps


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      If I am making for a special card order then I put an insert to the requirement of the customer and always with Christmas cards there is an insert, but most of my stock cards are blank (and it says that on the label at the back of the bag) as it is impossible to please everyone with verses. It is always possible to provide an insert if people want it, but I have never had a problem with the fact that the cards are blank.


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        I always add a paper insert but most times leave blank for their own message or if a commission put what the customer wants on the outer and inner card. Prefer the insert to writing on a blank card


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          this is a cause of many an argument in our house
          I think a plain paper insert looks more professional , its hubbys job to do them and he prefers them without
          we've had a few customers order recently who require a verse so that is put on an insert but my sister hates inserts and I have to remember not to put one in hers


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            i agree with both ifor-jones and caroleecrafts. If it is for a special order i will use an insert and verse but for everyday ones i leave them blank. I add a blank insert on some cards and no insert with more contemporary cards. I find it is easier to lose a sale because someone dislikes the verse than just having a blank card.
            Hope that helps xx

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              I don't put an insert one in unless it's a commission.


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                I'm with Krafty1, I can't be bothered unless the customer asks to be honest I just don't have the time to mess about LOL
                Ger xx

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                  I put a blank insert in all my cards and if I deckle/scallop/zigzag edge the outer card I edge the insert to match, although i agree that a modern card probably would suit either no insert or a straight edged blank insert
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                    whether there is a verse or greeting or not, for my 2p worth I think an insert makes a card look more finished and adds value..


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                      I usually add a blank paper insert too, I think it gives a more professional finish than writing on the card itself. I think verses are quite personal & your card will appeal to more if the insert is left blank IMO
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                        I put a co-ordinating colour insert inside all my cards I make. I tend to leave them blank.

                        But my mum allways saying to me to put a short message inside them. Such as best wishes/happy brithday with love etc .......

                        Think im going to stick to leaving them blank

                        Sara x


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                          The only cards I put inserts in are those which are on dark card blanks which make it hard to see the writing. Or on something really special like a posh wedding card.

                          Otherwise I don't as it's too much fuss and I prefer cards without. I've never had someone complain that there isn't one, neither has anyone asked for one.
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                            Thanks for the advice everyone.

                            I can see its very mixed as to whether or not to put an insert in, and comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

                            Think will try some with and see how they look and then decide if it is something want to do or not.

                            For those that do do an insert do you cut it slightly smaller than the card itself. ?

                            Thanks again for all those that posted. Its much appreciated. xx


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                              Yep I do, but only by a few mms or so all around
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