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out of touch with 18 yr olds!

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  • out of touch with 18 yr olds!

    Oh I feel so ancient today..!

    We got to a local cafe for a breakfast treat a couple of times a month, and one of the Saturday staff is 18 this week.. so I thought I would make her a card..

    Only now I realise I haven't the faintest idea what to put on it!

    I don't do the girly and pink things.. and although she is VERY in to her fashion and spray tan and makeup, she is studying physical education at college and I suspect she might not identify with anything too girly girly either!

    I think I might go hide in the airing cupboard until it is all over!

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    What do you do when you're 18?! Drink!

    How about a cocktail on the card, or a bottle of bubbly?


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      You'd be surprised what some 18 yr old girls are into

      I've got a 17 yr old daughter and she loves any thing pink/purple.

      Unless the girl is an Emo you can't go wrong with pretty pastel feminine colours. Or as claireybear suggested something drink orientated or shopping themed. Us girlies do like to shop.
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        Our middle son is doing PE at college and he comes home shaking his head and chuckling some days about what the things this one girl says...the other day they were asked a pretty basic question just to start off the lesson 'what are the similarities between badminton and tennis' and she said 'Ohh they wear the same type of clothes'! So, you never can tell, she may be into sport but may be one of those girly girls sparky!
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          18 year old girls ?...............

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            What about picking something appropriately and seriously sporty - then dolling it up with frou frou and sparkly?
            In my head I've got a tennis player in a ra ra skirt, cropped top, gelled hair and dripping with bling.

            Apologies for my twisted flight of fantasy.


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              Agree with all the above and would just add that my 18 year old niece is always thrilled with a handmade card. Do something abstract if you don't want a particular theme.


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                Well, its "made and delivered" so here's hoping

                Wimped out in the end, did a pink (for girly) and Orange (fake tan!) background with some embossed parcels as toppers and lots of pink crystals..

                now will wait and see if we get good service next weekend we go for brekkie!


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                  Yey, well done Go girlfriend!!!
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