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    hi guys, im new here and im just wondering if i could ask a bit of advice from you all? im wanting to start printing my drawings onto cards then attending craft fairs and selling them. The thing is im goin to have to invest in a new printer that is capable of printing high quality images onto thick photo paper because the printer i own now does good quality prints but gets jammed when i use thick paper. does anyone have any recomendations ? thanks alot, Craig

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    never mind guys ive just done some searching and found that the xerox solid ink printers are good so think im gona try n find a second hand one of those


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      Depending how you use your images, you might find it cost effective to use a high street photo shop in the interim period..

      I make my Christmas Cards from composite photo images and then have the designs printed out as photos which I either flat mount, or on foam blocks. Because I do a number of identical prints (25 or so) I get a reasonable price per print (about 5p per print usually) which makes it far far cheaper than buying photo paper for my inkjet - let alone the cost of ink... (I used to have the same problem of paper jamming frequently!!)

      It is easy to do, you save your file as a jpeg to a memory card or CD and just take it to the shop, and it usually takes about an hour.

      I use Max Spielmann for mine, though I gather they are just a division of snappysnaps or similar..


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        thanks for the reply sparkysdad thats a really good idea actually! im gona do that instead of buying a new printer . so what you do is stick the photograph to the actualy card? im gona have a search around and see what the best prices for photo printing is, itll deffo work out alot cheaper than buyin one of those xerox printers! thanks again ,craig


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          Hi craig, depending on the style of the card, I either mat and layer the photo direct to the card, or I use foam pads to lift it and give a bit of extra definition. I also use an embossing stencil to create a simple raised border round the image on the card, and that can make a simple card look incredible.

          You are not limited to photo's either - I often use elements I have scanned in from other sources in my cards - for instance this year I scanned an image of a fireplace from a victorian Art magazine, used photoshop to modify it, then duplicated the image on a single page to create some decoupage sheets I paid a little more to print out large format prints, but as I needed 150 small images to make 50 cards using the larger format prints meant I got 20 images per sheet so I only needed 7 "photos" which cost me about £4 (20 sheets of commercial decoupage would have cost about £14 by comparison, and of course I had a unique design unavailable anywhere else!)

          The other benefits of photo printing are that the photo paper is of course quite a heavy paper, so looks better on a finished card, and if you are using foam pads to mount it, you need fewer pads because the paper is far more sturdy.

          Inkjet printed photos are relatively hardy, but it is also possible to scratch the image if you are not careful handling them, whereas a proper photo is far more durable..

          I hope that helps, feel free to message me here or privately if you want to ask anything else!


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            hey sparkysdad, thanks for the reply i like that idea of using foam pads to lift the photo slightly off the card that could be a nice little touch. and the embossing stencil sounds cool aswell im gona look into gettin one of those. i dont think im gona be printing any photos with my inkjet printer , i just dont think it would work out as cheap as getting them printed from a shop plus like you say the ones from the printing shop are alot more durable. thanks again for ur help Craig.


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              dont forget to post some pics of your stuff then, always good to see what others are doing!