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Help - Which Glue??

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  • Help - Which Glue??

    Hello, PLEASE HELP. I have been asked to make my friends wedding invitations and on the kit it recommends to use spray glue. Off I went to my local craft shop and bought the only spay glue they had which is "vellum" glue. On the spray bottle it does state that it is subtable for card, fabric ribbon etc. Have made a few invites up and left them to dry but it has stayed tacky?? Is this normal and am I using the right stuff???

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    I feel your frustration I have only used spray glue once (sorry, can't remember the name) and that stayed tacky too and ruined a batch of cards I was making!

    I now use double sided tape it is much neater and cleaner to use. Would this be possible for your design?

    Good Luck with making the rest of the invites!!



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      Hmm, when I think of spray glue I think of spray mount which give a stickiness like post it notes(peels off easily) which isnt ideal.

      Double sided tape, v good idea.

      There is a site called something like 'thistothat' which has an option of things to stick to (wood, paper, metal)other things then it suggests the best glue to use.

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        I wouldn't use spray glue if I were you - I used it because it was recommended to me and it was rubbish!! It got the card too wet to do anything with for a while and because I'd used it on white card it left a lovely brown stain mark. I would take the others advice and use double sided tape - if you have a poundland near you they do three rolls in a pack for a pound.
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          I looked at a site selling card kits, and they include double sided tape in the kits.