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Not a very productive day

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  • Not a very productive day

    Its taken me all day to get motivated & make 3 cards all the same aswell. I wouldnt mind but they werent complicated ones & I already made this design before.

    I just cant seem to get motivated at the min - whats up with me.

    Is anyone else feeling like this? I keep thinking it will pass but ive been like since after Christmas.

    Sara x

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    What inspires you? have a look through a few crafting mags or go along to your local craft shop.. hope you get your mojo back soon.


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      I think 3 cards in a day is good going!! If I could do 3 I'd be really chuffed!

      So well done!


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        LOl, Im just the same, it seems to take me much longer to make a card than it used to, I dont seem to be able to make decisions! Luckily Im not selling cards so it doesnt really matter that much, unless I have got a card to make at short notice for s birthday or something!

        I have recently discovered challenge blogs, and I find them so inspiring. I have probably raved about them quite often on here! Basically there are loads of them and they set a challenge every week, either a layout sketch, a recipe or a theme, with examples by their desig team for inspiartion, and then you take part in the challenge and link to your own version or email it to them if you havnt got a blog or gallery. They are good because they give you a focus and make you try things you might not have considered before.

        I will put a few links here but there are loads more if you use the google blogs search or follow links from other people's blogs!