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  • verse for grave card


    Anyone have any suggestions for a nice verse to put onto a Grave card for Husband. It's for a Valentine
    I've never been asked to make one before.

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    Found a few....

    Missing you is easy.
    I do it everyday.
    Missing you is a heartache
    That never goes away.

    or the longer version....

    The moment that you died,
    My heart split in two,
    The one side filled with memories,
    The other died with you.
    I often lay awake at night,
    When the world is fast asleep,
    And take a walk down memory lane,
    With tears upon my cheeks.
    Remembering you is easy,
    I do it every day,
    But missing you is a heartache,
    That never goes away.
    I hold you tightly within my heart,
    And there you will remain,
    Life has gone on without you,
    But it never will be the same.
    For those who still have their husbands,
    Treat him with tender care,
    You will never know the emptiness,
    As when you turn and he is not there.

    another shorter one....

    Your presence is ever near me,
    your love remains with me yet.
    You were the kind of husband,
    I never will forget.


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      Thank you Krafty1
      That's very kind of you, the longer one will be perfect.


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        I wrote this after my dad passed away and although it's for his Birthday you could change the words...

        It's my Dad's Birthday on Saturday,
        But I shan't be baking a cake,
        For he has gone far, far, away
        Where presents he cannot take.

        We shall all send our 'miss you' wishes
        And send love to you up above,
        With hearts and hugs and kisses
        And bagsful and sacksful of love.

        We shall pick pink roses for you, dear,
        And on your gravestone we'll place,
        We wish that you could be here,
        Instead, in our dreams, see your face.

        So we'll say Happy Birthday quietly
        And fill the words with love,
        And blow you kisses so lightly
        That they float to you above.
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          Or maybe this one...

          Walk along the seashore with the sand between your toes,
          Child-like tickles softly, with the sea-breeze in your nose,
          Smiling at the memories of a not-so-distant past,
          Happiness comes quietly, recollections that will last.

          Strolling through this picture in a sweetly silent way,
          Remembering those feelings that seem just like yesterday,
          Holding ever tightly to a place inside your heart,
          Where no-one else replaces that sweet sorrow, love-filled part.

          The scene is one of beauty that can never disappear,
          Because the bond of true love will always keep it near,
          A peaceful walk with memories can bring them back to you,
          For love is ever waiting, close your eyes, a dream come true.
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            Oh Nettie, that made my cry. It is so how we feel, when we have lost a loved one. xxx

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              Nettie the verses are beautiful thank you so much.
              Most of the cards that I make are for graves and I must admit I cry a lot when making them. My husband cant understand why I do it, but each time I make one I feel thankful for what I have.
              The hardest cards to make are for children especially when I am sent a picture to add onto the card.
              It is all worth it when I get messages from people telling me that the card has given some comfort.


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                Thank you. Writing helped me through a tough time after my accident and then when my dad died. I then started to make cards and started going to a little craft fair. I put some of my poems out for people to just read, to see what the response was and was asked if I had any copies. Next time I went I took some along. A number of times I would see people reading them and then walking off, only to find out later from the other crafters in the hall that they were actually walking away sniffing and crying! One elderly lady came and gave me a hug and we sat and chatted for a while, still upset me when I saw people with tears but I took it as a good sign, rather than that I was upsetting them. Anyhoo, glad you liked them...150 more where they came from btw, not All sad though!!!!
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                  I should get the card finished tonight, when it's done I'll add it to my blog.



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                    Originally posted by cardelle View Post
                    Thank you Krafty1
                    That's very kind of you, the longer one will be perfect.
                    You're welcome


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                      That's really weird, I've just realised who you are! Cute-zone! When I first started having a go at the Bookatrix board and wanted to see what the results could be, so I went on ebay and typed in 'Bookatrix cards' and while I was looking through I always came back to your ones...I've just noticed the ragdoll in your blog and it clicked!! Your cards just have that something else, beautifully made
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