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Do you make your own xmas cards

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  • Do you make your own xmas cards

    Do any of you make your own xmas cards i make a few just fir familt ect also i may have a try at makeing an advent calender not sure yet how to go about it once i get started im sure i can do it , it will only be for us so if it goes wrong it wont matter.

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    Have to admit I dont really do cards in general, only recently started to buy birthday cards for people.

    But this year a friend has made her own range so I reckon Il support her and buy some to give to pals.

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      I make my own christmas cards to send out to friends and family etc - used to make them to sell but the shop where I sold them closed down! I also send cards to all the people on my street - it's great advertising - I'll need to make more this year to send out to hubby's business associates now that he's got his own business - how exciting!! Or am I very sad!!
      Are you thinking of making your own this year Mollymandy? My mother in law has, in the past, made advent calendars out of fabric but she said it took up a lot of time.
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        Yes i am going to make some more cards this year but only for family i dont think i could make lots for everyone i get in a tiss if i have to do say 50 and then they wouldnt turn out as i would expect.Just 12 or so maybe more next year.


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          As card making is my thing I HAVE to make my own Christmas cards.. last year I wasn't as busy with the business etc so i took ages over them, shrinking plastic, hand painting stamped images etc etc.. If I don't send handmade cards my family will be horrified but they are getting quick makes this year I can tell you. I just don't have the time to make masterpieces on a large scale this year, one of my own papers and some punched snowflakes is they best they will be getting!! They will think there's something wrong with me!!
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            Just been takeing a peek at your website really lovily lots of nice colours.


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              I don;t make cards and usually buy just for the family, which costs enough in itself buying the special cards for all of them. So last year I made some plaques with Christmas themes on them, like 'Christmas Fairy Wishes' and a wooden fairy attached and things like that, then put a message on the back of them, so they had a decoration they can use year after year if they wish and was personalised from me! Semmed to go down really well, but not sure how many years I can get away with it, depends on how many new designs I can come up with I guess!!!
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                I make cards with the mindies for there families and we also make advent calendars, but never seem to have enough time to make them for


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                  Christmas Cards

                  Yup - I make and sell Christmas cards, and it's the busiest time of the year. My friends and family have started asking me to make Christmas cards for them to give out to other people. Hoping to sell some in a shop this year as well.

                  Haven't ventured into advent calenders yet though... is there much demand for them?

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                    I make cards and i cross-stitch. I have just completed one cross-stict advent and i am nearly finished the other. It did take me a long time to do them because i had other smaller items to do. But it is well worth it to see the look on my daughters faces.


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                      I make and sell my own christmas cards! I have been making them for family and friends for a couple of years but, this is my first year of selling them. Only sold one set so far....but, plenty of time to go



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                        I used to make my own xmas cards but I don't bother with xmas much these days so I have stopped making them.

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                          Originally posted by mollymandy View Post
                          Do any of you make your own xmas cards i make a few just fir familt ect also i may have a try at makeing an advent calender not sure yet how to go about it once i get started im sure i can do it , it will only be for us so if it goes wrong it wont matter.
                          Hi there,
                          I make handmade corporate christmas cards, ( yes it was me that was sitting in 34 degree sunshine making 750 cards for a client last July!!!! ) I find Christmas cards easier than any other. Its Christmas as of about March in my house!!!


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                            Id like to make my own xmas cards have so manmy to send out i cant keep up with it,so i just make a couple and send them to my fav people mum ect shes keeps it up till feb.


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                              Jjay, please share the market demand for handmade cards...
                              I am new to it... and I mostly see printed cards and e-cards are ruling the market.

                              please share your experience.