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Anyone make diecuts to order??

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  • Anyone make diecuts to order??

    Hi all,

    Im a somewhat latent card maker (50 for christmas, the odd one for other occasions). I have a few bits and bobs and I add the odd thing here and there, but little spare cash to buy the really expensive stuff.

    My friend is getting married this year, and asked if I would make her some wedding stationery (invites, Order of Service, Place settings, wedding favours etc) And I thought it would be a great idea ot make them as a gift.

    The theme is autumnal (colours and styles) as the wedding is in October, and they are both 50 this year.. and she really doesnt get in to all the girly girly hearts and flowers stuff.

    I saw a great die cut (cuttlebug) of a leaf with a matching embossing folder and I think I would like to work around it as the central motif, but I dont have a cuttlebug (or any other system) as my total card budget is £100 buying the machine is out of the question - although I could possibly, then sell it on ebay after??

    I just wondered if there are folk out there looking to earn some "small!" amounts of cash looking for an excuse to sit winding the cuttlebug handle all day cutting and embossing ?? I would provide the paper and card etc, and the die if necessary?

    Anybody any suggestions??



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    Hi there,

    If you pm me exactly what you're looking for then I'll see what I can so to help

    LJ xx


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      I have a cuttlebug but not that die or the embossing as i would of done it for you if Fluffy Squirrel cant help let me know im sure we could sort something out

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        Oh, thank you both, it would solve a problem indeed. I can press on with the leaf idea then!!