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how annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • how annoying !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    don't know if you remember the card I made for the 80 year old who didnt' want to be 80 so we put her age on a little card in a little envelope
    it was a very personal card with pictures of all her interests inside
    anyway I sent it to my customer ( it was for her mother in law ) and she received it no problem
    she then sent it on to her mother in law and it hasn't arrived
    my customer is devastated , so I've spent tonight making another one for her and I've got to send it next day delivery as they're visiting her on Sunday
    royal mail are soooooooooooo annoying sometimes aren't they

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    Oh no that's awful, I lost a bracelet at Christmas time - one I'd sent out, it was for someone on here, so I replaced it, but it's the time & money you feel has been thrown down the drain.

    How very annoying
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      Annoying is an understatement! Royal Mail have cost me loads in lost items because I always replace them at my own cost. Probably stupid, but I hate to let people down even if it's not my fault!
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        Originally posted by onlyme View Post
        Annoying is an understatement! Royal Mail have cost me loads in lost items because I always replace them at my own cost. Probably stupid, but I hate to let people down even if it's not my fault!
        Apart from that - RM do not regard an item as "lost" until 15 days after "due delivery date" (not sure about "Guaranteed" though)
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          that's awful! it was such a cool card as well!

          I think cards are particularly vulnerable as apparently the postal workers open anything that looks like a birthday card as they sometimes contain money.

          if i ever send anything that looks like a birthday card I try to make it look as boring as possible (using a brown envelope etc) but its terrible that i have to do this! i dunno what horrible people are out there that think stealing birthday card money is a great way to top up their income...


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            Each time I post something I ask for proof of postage which can vary from them writing the address on the receipt or an official looking piece of card with info on it.
            At least its a starting point if you want to take matters further.
            Isnt it a shame that RM dont take their jobs seriously.


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              There are quite a few of my rants about Royal Mail on this forum; I will spare you this time. They really need to buck up their ideas, apologies to be horrible, but no wonder they are having to close post offices and they are not making any money. I avoid using them wherever possible and most dealings with them just make me angry.

              If I am sending anything of value (i.e. something more than a letter) I always post it "next day" or "registered" as these methods have tracking numbers and are lost less often.


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                Last week my sister sent my daughter in law a birthday card which was received in a plastic bag saying it had been damaged in the post. The end of the envelope had actually been cut with a knife or scissors and the card was ripped. The thing is, my sister never seals card envelopes as she never send money through the post.
                I can remember when interferring with Her Majesty's Post was a criminal offence punishable by prison but these days the rule seems to be take whatever you can.

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                  Royal Mail is a complete disgrace, I hate using them although am not really sure what other options I have got. In the last week I have had three separate instances where RM have proved how useless they are!!

                  A bookatrix card for a customer was posted by first class recorded delivery last Friday (9th) and I received an email today telling me that it hasn't arrived - it's for her mum's birthday which is on Sunday!!

                  My Craft Robo was sent last Friday (9th) by next day parcel post and didn't arrive until Tuesday.

                  And I've just spoken to a friend who sent a parcel to the USA on 27th December and it hasn't turned up there yet.

                  It both annoys and upsets me to think that we trust RM with important, personal and valuable items which are treated with no respect and we are felt as though we are inconveniencing the staff of we dare question the where abouts of a parcel - they seem to forget that it's us keeping them in a job!!!

                  Sorry... rant over


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                    well 3 guesses what happened
                    I sent the second card out next day delivery and the original turned up
                    how typical is that lol
                    but this is the lovely comment that the customer left on my guestbook

                    EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE!!
                    Tracey made a beautiful personalised 80th birthday card for my Mum-in-law and I made the mistake of posting it. The Post Office duly lost it and Tracey stepped into the breach by producing a nearly exact copy and getting it to me within 48 hours. The extra time and trouble that Tracey puts into giving such excellent service deserves acknowledgement and I want to say, "Thanks, Tracey. You were terrific!"

                    they're going to keep the second card and cross out the small number 80 in the envelope and put 81 on it and use it as a jokey card for next year
                    and she insisted in giving me some extra money for all the effort I'd put in


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                      That is so typical!

                      But really nice that they recognised how much effort you put in to help them out - a lot of people wouldnt do that! So well done for providing such amazing customer service, and Im so glad they appreciated it!


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                        So nice that you were appreciated, it makes it worthwhile then.

                        I posted a parcel for a new baby to Philladelphia USA first week December and still waiting for it to get there. It was something I bought not made. I think I would have been more angry had I made it.
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                          I have been fairly lucky with RM in my area, I had to have all my post held at the local sorting office for nearly two years because I lived in a flat with a shared letter box, we had a thief living there who regularly stole our post (we knew who it was but couldn't catch him!!!)

                          I only had a couple of things go "missing" and on each occasion it was because a RM "casual had been doing the deliveries.

                          Since I have moved I have had no problems.

                          However, I always send things 2nd class as this often arrives next day (a better service than 1st and cheaper) and I always get proof of posting just in case. At least that way I can claim from RM if something I send goes missing. If it is something of value then I will send it recorded delivery.

                          The trouble with RM and this country in general, is that most workers don't take their jobs seriously, they want high pay for little work.

                          Also a lot of large companies employ casual staff at busy times and this is when things go "missing", because a casual knows that once the busy time is over they are going to leave (and won't be held accountable)

                          I know this is not the case with all workers, there are still a few conscientious ones out there (before I get slated for this post)
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                            Royal Mail & Compensation

                            I post hundreds of items a year with Royal Mail and the odd one does get lost
                            I always take my parcels to the post office and get proof of postage, last week they sent me a cheque for £12 as compensation for the items they lost back in November.
                            It's a pain standing in the line at the Post Office but it's worth the peace of mind.


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                              Am glad you got it sorted sunrise and nice that she noticed the extra effort

                              I have to say I am either really lucky or just have good RM in my area, I have had 2 items damaged and have been compensated for them with little fuss (although one lady on the phone was rubbish), our posties are just amazing, the parcel van driver will stop if he sees me on the school run if he has something in the van for me so I dont miss him, they will take parcels to another address close by I have mentioned and we have received 2 cards with hilarious addresses on - one had mr & mrs dhfirstname (no surname!), wrong street and the other was 'somewhere on x street or y street' (nowhere near each other). But they got here! Have never had a card go missing either, am shocked at some of the experiences. Just watch it will be our turn now I have said that
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