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Just for Men cards....Your thoughts please

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  • Just for Men cards....Your thoughts please

    Hi all,
    Do you struggle with male cards???? I am always looking for ideas for male cards and I am always struggling to find new ideas. While out in my local town today I came across a market stall selling discounted calendars for 99p mainly for men so i thought I would buy a couple and recycle to make some cards. The other cards have boats/ships and triumph motorbikes. Just thought I would get your comments good or bad. ( Sorry for the picture quality but took it using my phone, I have decoupaged the `mile post` but the picture doesnt pick it up very well. ) So instead of throwing out your old calendars, check.... you may be able to reuse the pictures in some way!
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    It's a great use of old calendars. I usually struggle with male cards as the men I send to are not particularly keen on sport.... I think computer pictures are a tad boring however "geeky" someone is and so my dad is probably easiest with trains!!! You could have a field day making loads of cards with old calendars!
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      Cards for men

      Trains every time lol ! OH adores steam trains as do three of his friends one of whom has an 80th birthday this year so anything special with a train on it would go down a treat. Please bear me in mind when you make your "men birthday cards". They look as though they could be great.
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        Lovely card Kaz! Im all for recycling too.


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          Thanks for your lovely comments so farxxx


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            What a great idea. I struggle too as my OH hates sport. My son loves trains of all sorts he'd go mad for this.

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              What a cool Idea off to hunt callendars tomorrow.
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                Lovely card great idea too
                Tina xx
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                  I love the idea of recycling and being a fella feel that card you made is impressive.

                  For the younger generation why not cut out some pictures from the gaming magazines and make cards of their favourite computer games? Not sure about copyright issues there but just a thought.

                  Oh, and buses are a must! Michelle and I sell our photos as greeting cards and they always go down well.


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                    Great card... I agree that trains are a fab idea for men to move away from the stereotypical 'sport' cards, as are cars, trains, buses, boats and even canal scenes

                    A great idea of recycling old calendars


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                      Thanks for all your supportive kind comments......... Im now on the look out for some calenders of buses!! The magazine idea is good too thanksxx


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                        Excellent idea - love the card

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                          What a good idea. Really nice card, thanks for the tip!!! Sue xx


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                            Like the card and the clever idea.. here's one of mine (idea not cards!) for the rest of you looking for "male recipient" card stuff..

                            Cigarrette cards and other collector cards make great card toppers - you can often find them at collector fairs and sunday markets for very little money.

                            I recently sold a few spare Vintage car ones on ebay 24 for £1 or so.. but there are all sorts of designs out there. And if you are archiving, you can run them through a Xyron sticker maker and then they are safe for long term projects too.

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                              As a collector of cigarette cards just a quick word about them. Some are worth a lot of money and as such you may find some real bargains when looking out for them on ebay or car boots.

                              Before we started to collect cards properly we had a few golf cards and were going to stick them in an album but on looking through Murray Cards catalogue they were £24 each!

                              So you may be selling much more than just your greeting card!

                              The best thing about cigarette cards are they have info on the back so creating a card whereby you can also read the back of the cigarette card would be brilliant. One set that springs to mind was a set called Handy Hints which would tell you things like how to get stains out of a carpet or how to stop a nettle sting itching for example.

                              If you have difficulty finding some, please let me know.