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heat embossing

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  • heat embossing

    have been toying for a while on trying this and my friend lent me a few bits and pieces to try it
    a few months ago a girl at work who doesn't craft gave it a go and I was a bit disappointed with the results it didn't look any different to normal stamping but I thought it was because she hadn't done it properly
    anyway today I've finally got round to giving it a go and I'm disappointed as it doesn't look anything special at all
    could I be doing something wrong
    all the equipment is right as I borrowed it from someone who knows what shes doing

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    I cant think what can be going wrong, if the heat tool is working ok when you have stamped your image and sprinkled embossing powder over it, heated it up with heat tool, your image should be embossed and with a raised effect.
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      it may be slightly raised but so slightly that it doesn't really notice
      might take it in to show the girl at work and see what she thinks


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        What stamp did you use and what ink?. Really quick first time is to have a block coloured stamp, with no detail, stamp with versamark then sprinkle the embossing powder over the top, heat until the powder turns, do not do for too long otherwise it overheats and can bleed.

        Takes a little while to get used to the heating process, as this is the most difficult part. Try this info may help.