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    Hi Liz here!!

    How can I sell cards!!! And if anyone sells there own cards can you let me know what to do. Making cards Since Sept last year and recovering from Breast Cacner and passes the time of day or night for me!!! As dont sleep much either . Look forward to hearing from anyone and specially in the Tyen & Wear Area


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    The Art of Selling Your Craft

    Dear Liz,
    Thank you for your message and I wish you all the very best for a speedy recovery.

    My name is Louise and I run a company called Craft-Link UK. I am an ex-craft fair organiser and exhibitor and I have written a book called The Art of Selling Your Craft.

    It has been developed to help beginners like yourself to make the most of the craft industry and to get it right from the outset. It doesn't matter what you make - finding the right event for you, setting up and maximising impact is the same across the board.

    Visit our website at for more info and secure on-line ordering. Contact me at [email protected] for more information.

    Take care and get well soon!
    Craft-Link UK
    The Art of Selling Your Craft - The essential read for craft workers!
    Help, guidance and advice on how to make the most selling craft for profit - and getting it right!

    Craft-Link UK -
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      Hi Liz

      Hi there Liz,
      After a life changing move and the birth of my two children I decided that I wanted to make a proper go of turning my craftyness into a business. I made a load of cards and bags and sold them all on eBay, I wanted to expand so I bought some website building software and built my sites. This was a huge learning curve as I had never done anything like that before. I now have a regular set of customers and get contacted by new ones each week. Come September when both my children will be in school full time I will be able to expand with proper advertising and bite the bullet and approach retailers in my town, small boutiques florists for the cards etc. I didn't want to develop too fast in case I couldn't keep up with demand. I have learnt a lot along the way and forums like this are great for getting advise and support from people who are doing it too.
      Go for it and don't be shy if you get knocked back, see it as constructive critism you will find your customers eventually.
      Best wishes Sam xx


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        Hi Liz,

        I have been selling my own cards for the past 3 mths, and I sell them any where and every where I can.

        I sell them on Ebay, at fruit and veg shops, at craft fairs and school fates, at hair dressers and nurseries.

        If you can just pop in to these places and ask them would they be interested in having some of your cards on show for their customers to purchase. You can always offer them a small percentage for doing so or promoting their shop or organisation for them.

        If you can't get there then just send them a letter explaining what you would like them to do and perhaps enclose a sample card for them to look at. Then follow them up with a phone call a few days later, don't wait for them to get back to you.

        Anyway give it a go!!

        Let us know how you get on

        Regards Christina


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          selling cards

          I have a website selling my cards but havent sold any throught there yet but have sold some by going around all the shops that i think might stock them and now have them in two shops. I also have a friend who sells them in her workplace and i pay her a commission on each one she sells. If you want to see my wedding designs take a look at [email protected]
          I also have another website which i just started which sells craft products for card making and scrapbook projects, take a look and let me know what you think its at
          have you tried a stall at a craft fair i'm trying one out in torquay at end of july will let you know what happens
          keep crafting
          best wishes Pauline Thorn

          Craft products for all you crafty people


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            I have 2 Craft Fairs this wekend , 1 Saturday & 1 Sunday - both big events.
            I have been busierly working hard to make enough stock for them.

            Since I last posted a message , I have also done a few other smaller craft fairs and they have gone well!

            All I can sya is keep at , keep asking and advertising evrywhere - it will all happen in the end but it does take time!!

            Good luck with your fairs



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              i 've been making cards for quite a while now and i went around all the shops that may sell them and after lots of hard work i eventually found two who offered to buy them and stock them. i also got a friend to sell them at her workplace for a small commission. and of course i have a website which doesnt sell any unfortunately but was seen by a company who then contacted me and i designed some cards and now make those cards for them to sell. My website is now only for my wedding designs but who knows where it will lead. if you want to take a look its [email protected]. since that happened i've decided to start another website but as a supplier of craft products which went live last night and thats at If i can offer any more words of wisdom let me know. good luck
              best wishes Pauline Thorn
              Craft products for all you crafty people


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                hi liz, i too live in the T&W area, houghton le spring to be exact. I ahve got some of my acrds in a shop in tynemouth on a commission basis, i have only had them there for a week so its early days, i just took some cards in and they offered to sell on a commission of 40/60. I do rubber stamping using stamps with a light hearted cartoony theme.

                hope to hear from to see how you are getting on.



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                  Selling Cards

                  A good way of becoming known and getting customers is to approach hospitals in your area, they're often fundraising and would welcome you.
                  The idea is to arrange a suitable space and be there around visiting time. Decide on the type of card you think would be suitable and off you go. You could make book marks as well and maybe little gift boxes with an arrangement of silk flowers.

                  Do remember to make some business cards that tell people you make any greeting cards etc to order, and give them out to everyone even if they don't buy anything there and then

                  You offer the hospital the profits after you've deducted all the expences incurred.

                  Hope you find this helpful...
                  Thanks & Happy Crafting,
                  Margaret Wraith
                  Zodiac Themed Card Craft / Scrapbooking CD\'s


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                    Selling your cards

                    Hi Liz

                    Hope you are doing well healthwise.

                    Like you I began making cards after ill health, not quite as earth shattering as yours, I managed to collapse a vertebrae in my neck and lost a couple of discs as well. Had to have several operations.

                    The card making began as nice individual cards for friends - saw some at a craft stall and thought "I could do that!" (Hers were very expensive!)

                    Anyway, a while down the road, I started taking orders from friends and neighbours for cards for weddings and special events, now sell through a local garden centre.

                    Be pushy. Go and ask. I did.

                    Going to start supplying a jeweller in Durham in New Year.

                    Attending various Craft Fairs, etc before Christmas, trying that approach too.

                    good luck.



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                      hi liz

                      hope you are felling much better now

                      im a card maker too i got into cards when a developped a dvt in my leg then travelled to my lung i came vey ill and could not do much so i thought i would give card making ago i enjoy it that much its never boring theres always somthing new to try as you have discoverd
                      i made my cards for my friends and family and word just passed
                      i do now sell my cards in shops you could try a craft shop a florist and a wedding shop even try a cake shop pple come to order cakes so why not a special card too i donate a small amout of profit to a charity which my customers wish at the end of the year so the shops never take a profit off me as they are happy with it going to a charity so every ones happy u could try the same sot of thing near were u live its worth giving it a go get well again soon
                      Love Chaze2k7 xx


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                        Its an old one....

                        Look at the date of the first thread - its nearly 2 and a half years old.......


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                          lmao lol im tierd now a days were caring for my gran parents its very hard work
                          there both 85 87 years old im very stressed out
                          Love Chaze2k7 xx


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                            card making

                            Hi Liz
                            I have been selling cards online for a short while I am fortunate that my husband has his own web design company, so all I have to do is make the cards. It can be quite expensive if you are having your own site built for you, although there is free shopping cart website software out there. If you are looking to sell your cards straight away online, your best bet is to set up an ebay shop and try a few cards on there (a website takes quite a while to get to page 1 and a lot of work, so when you are working on your website you can start making money straight away). You have to look at how much the materials cost and how many cards you can make in an hour to decide how much to charge for your cards. If you can only make 4 cards per hour and materials cost £5.00 for making the 4 cards then you need to charge enough per card to cover your costs and make a decent living. I made this mistake when first starting out until my husband pointed this out to me.
                            You can also sell wholesale to shops, who many of them like unique handmade cards, but they usually want to buy them at a fraction of your retail cost ( many of them also want to do sale or return, which isn't a good idea as they often come back damaged or unusable, so its best to stand your ground and only offer selling your cards outright to shops). So again you need to factor in will you be making enough money to make it worth your while selling in bulk. Again I made a mistake here we had big orders from companies which ended up us making very little for the cards.
                            Its quite a lot of work but very rewarding to make money and get positive feedback from people who have bought your cards.

                            So good luck. Hope this has helped

                            Handmade Jewellery | handmade cards


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                              Initially I didn't dare offer my cards for sale online, in case I didn't have sufficient stock to fulfil orders for the most popular designs. I set up a website displaying the cards, but without a shop facility there - so I could at least direct people to somewhere they could see my range. (Overstamping images with a copyright watermark). Instead, like most cardmakers, I attempted various local approaches, and paid for stalls at craft fairs and village fetes. Those stall rarely brought enough sales to make it worthwhile (the local fetes at least had the advantage of only having to be there a couple of hours - but often they seem to expect a donation that is dearer than a full-day craft fair stall!). I found that shops or galleries which already stock cards from various suppliers, tend to want a 100% markup - so with cards designed to retail at £1.95 I had to supply them at no more than £1. That did make me a profit, but not a good one. I found it far more profitable to approach outlets that didn't already sell cards - such as local pubs, clubs, cafes, etc. They were content with a much smaller markup - though I did have to include some way of displaying them (a small wallhung rack, or even just an empty plastic icecream tub. I also watched out for all sorts of events at local village halls, at which I asked if I could place a display of cards on a tabletop (I have two grandstand shaped wire racks that each display 24 designs, and which fold away when empty). These were mostly fundraising events, so I displayed a posted saying that 25p from each card sale will go to that specific cause. The table space was usually free. I avoid sale-or-return arrangements; because as others have said, unsold ones tend to come back creased or bruised or dirty - and in some cases they just disappear (nicked by shoppers slipping them into a magazine or a coat pocket, and the shop being careless about keeping track of things). Occasionally I will agree a s-o-r deal for the first few cards (say 3 of 5 designs) until the shopkeeper can see that they do sell - after which I only accept straight purchase deals. I now have 44 designs, and this autumn I intend to start selling online - minimum order of 5 cards (of one design or any mix) because that is the number than best suits the Royal Mail costings for the cardboard sleeves that I intend shipping them in. I shall promote particular designs when they tally with some particular related event. My cards are all photographic ones - either 7"x5" or 6"x6".
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