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  • going to craft fairs

    Does anybody think (big or small) going to craft fairs are worth going too,
    especially in this climate I ask this as my oh thinks they are waste or time (i havn't done very well at them so far) and should consentrate on the table top sales I do at local hospitals. Aso does anybody do Farmers Markets.

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    I have a regular pitch at a farmers market. It was extremely difficult to go through the selection process and I had to really fight! The market is extremely well managed and takes the whole handcrafted thing very seriously! it's also great because of the publicity and the regularity etc.

    As far as doing small craft fairs, I do them to publisise my beading parties, wedding services etc. I don't make millions from them, but I often get a party or wedding client through them.

    If I was purely going to sell then I probably wouldn't bother as sales are really down over the last couple of years at the fairs. Three years ago at the same fairs, sales were much much higher than they are now.
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      I agree that sales are down at craft fairs at present, but I also use them as a cheap form of marketing. It is good to get noticed in the local area and other things often come from talking to people at a fair. Also you get to know what sort of things sell and what time of year to highlight different parts of your stock. It will be interesting to see in this next year how things go - maybe people will be looking for that well crafted, well priced item that they can't buy in the shops - particularly where shops are closing.


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        I find that it's hardly worth going to craft fairs in the first part of the year. I usually spend that time building up stock and then start doing them from June onwards.
        It doesn't really matter if it's big or small. Small means you probably don't have to pay much for the table and it might not be hugely busy, but you can sometimes find a real gem and have a really good day.
        Big means a lot of expense, but they usually advertise well and get lots of visitors - though not always!! A few disasters spring to mind!
        All in all, it's good fun, and you meet lots of people.
        Good Luck.
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