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  • Embossing

    I'm looking for a bit of helpful advice please.

    I love the look of embossed images on cards but can't get the hang of stencil embossing - I've had my stencils, lightbox, etc for about eighteen months now and just can't get to grips with it so have all but given up.

    I have recently realised that I can do some embossing on my Sizzix Sidekick and have a couple of questions about this, as so far I have only had a play around with the 'Thank you' embossing plate that came with the Sidekick.

    What stencils do I need for embossing on my Sidekick? Is it only Sizzix ones that are compatible? Where is the cheapest place to buy these?

    I have seen a few cards created with embossed floral borders, etc which I'm really interested in, though not too keen on the embossed wording.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks a lot,

    Laura xx

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    I think it is cuttlebug who make all the embossing folders, I expect you can use them on the sizzix too, try googling it and see what comes up. There are some gorgeous ones!

    I just read on another thread that you are expecting a new robo soon - you can apparently make your own embossing folders with that, I havnt tried it yet but I think i saved the file so give me a shout if you want me to email it to you. It sounded like it would take quite a while, but probably quite satisfying and that way you would have exactly what you wanted too!


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      Oh, I didn't know that you could make embossing folders on the robo... what a great idea that is!!

      I'm only getting the basic machine and the manufacturers software from a member of UKScrappers so I'm looking for anything (either templates or useful advice) that I can find so that I can get started.

      I'm off to look on Google now for Cuttlebug folders to check out the compatability

      Thanks a lot.


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        I use cuttlebug embossing folders on my bigshot so I would imagine that it's ok on the sidekick too.


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          Thank you... think I might have a look on Ebay


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            The cuttlebug folders won't work on a sidekick, you need a full size die cutting machine which can take different plate 'sandwiches'. The bigshot/bigkick will work, as will a wizard and of course the bug itself.

            There are one or two small folders (which come four to a pack) which you might be able to get to work with some shims, but I wouldn't be sure of it.


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              Thanks for that George... glad I read that before making any purchases


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                Hmmm, I was confused because I thought the embossing folders were flat like the sizzlit dies for the sidekick, and that you have to use the converter when you put them through the "normal" sizzix.

                So I googled it, and apparently that is right - the cuttlebug embossing folders WILL work in the sidekick but (I havnt got one so I could be wrong) a lot of them are too big to fit widthways etc, I havnt seen the sidekick so I dont know if you can get round that. There are some sets of smaller ones though.

                I found this on the advert for a cuttlebug folder: "IF you can use sizzlits in your die cutting machine try this! These EMBOSS paper, cardstock, and even thin metal. They offer a clean crisp image and look very professional. They will work in the sizzix machine with converter, sidekick, big shot and tag a long machines and of course the cuttlebug machine."

                There are some of the small ones at the bottom of

                just to give you an idea of what you are looking for!

                PM me your email address if you want the file on making your own, or google it!

                C x


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                  Thanks for that Claire - off to have a look now

                  Also, sending you a pm


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                    If you can fit an a6 size card in the side kick then yes they will work the cuttlebug embossing folder's are a6 size and I have a big shot to use them with. I also have the boarder ones which also fit

                    Hope this helps Laura
                    Tina xx
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