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  • Displaying cards at fairs

    Morning all!

    Was just wondering if any of you had tips / suggestions as to where I could find either a cheap card display stand or some nice wicker baskets to use when displaying cards at craft fairs. I did my first fair yesterday and realised that just laying them out on the table or putting them in nasty plastic baskets really didn't give the right 'look' to my table......

    Thanks in advance! (Cards) (Knitted stuff) (Blog!)

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    Hi There,

    I have brought a few different types of stands from Ebay, I tend to use my wire display stands, I have two different sizes, for Craft Fayres and then I have a couple of card stands for displays in shops. Check these guys out on Ebay:

    For Wire Stands: display-stands-ltd

    For Cardboard Stands: JDCSTORE

    Hope these help.


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      My hubby made me some lovely ones from clear plastic with a wooden rail, it doesn't hold tons but it's a nice display & I just top it up as the cards sell & I think it looks good. We put my co. name on them as well and everything matched, which looked quite professional.

      Here's some links if you want to take a look - he's planning on making them to sell if anyone is interested - so just give me a shout if it's the sort of thing you're interested in

      Jan x
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        Originally posted by ms_mandy View Post
        For Wire Stands: display-stands-ltd

        I can second this recommendation - I bought from there too. I bought some inexpensive wicker baskets from Homebase (couple of quid each). This was my table from yesterday's craft fair

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          Yesterday the lady next to me had her cards in silver toast racks and have to admit they looked just fine!
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            My Aunty goes to Craft Fairs quite a lot and she usually puts all of her cards in Cello bags (they are pretty cheap and you can get them from most craft stores or E-Bay) and then usually puts the biggest cards laid down at the front and the smallest cards at the back so that they are in some sort of "order".

            It works quite well for her and she has had quite a lot of success with her cards. I wish you the best of luck and hope you find something suitable soon!


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              Display is one of the hardest things that you have to do. I think that the collapsable cardboard ones that you can get from ebay are great. You can even decorate them with your name if you want.

              Make sure that all of the things that you sell can bee seen and that the colours work well together.



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                I've always found that having them in baskets work really well. People seem happy to go through them all and I always sell a lot.

                I had the opportunity to buy a revolving card stand recently and have had them displayed out in that this last month and have not sold nearly as many - don't know if it's a coincidence (or this time of the year) or not but I'll be going back to the baskets again


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                  Hi there, I have a selection of card stands which I use for my different cards. I have:

                  Two wired tiered card stands which I use for my bookatrix and keepsake cards.

                  Two cardboard tiered card stands, though I usually only use one, for my 5" x 7" cards - I usually display my seasonal cards (ie. Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day) cards in these stands.

                  And for all my other 5" x 7" cards I have a floor standing carousel stand, it has 20 slots, each of which hold between six and ten handcrafted cards depending on the embellishments/decoupage/topper which has been used.

                  For our candles we have three tier acrylic stands which we put our smaller candles on and the rest of our candles are displayed across the table.

                  Our wired and cardboard tiered card stands and carousel stand were purchased from JSCSTORE on Ebay and I have been really impressed with the service I have received each time I used them.

                  Our acrylic tiered stands were also purchased on Ebay but I can't remember who from.

                  We also have some wicker baskets which we use for seasonal items, such as calendars and gift tags.

                  This was our table at the recent Northfield Farm event...

                  Hope this helps,

                  Laura xxx


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                    I would definitely go for acrylic stands like the ones you can buy at

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                      I haven't sold at a craft fair before (maybe next year ) so I'm speaking instead as someone who's been to quite a few as a customer.

                      I would say that as long as the card fronts are clearly on display (i.e. not too many overlapping cards) then people are going to be looking at the quality of the cards not the quality of the display system. I'd pop them in cello bags so that you're not worried about people picking them up for a closer look - they'll be more comfortable about doing so too. Apart from that then I'd take a look at the suggestions offered by the others here and go for something that you're comfortable putting together and taking down again.

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                        I've never had stands, only baskets. I got some in Argos a while ago and then 4 more in Tesco's I think with wire frames that stack inside each other. I think Sainsbury's & Homebase do similar ones too. I'd definitely cellophane your cards too.


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                          We display our cards using both a card display rack and baskets.

                          Reason being is that on observing customers, some would flick through the display rack and not even look at the baskets and vice versa.

                          So, we thought we would mix and match and even include some of the same cards in both the basket and display rack.

                          I asked my dad what he thought as he always gives me an honest answer and he replied that he didn't want to disturb the cards in the display rack as they looked so neat but flicking through a basket he felt more comfortable with.

                          We sell through both ways so I would have a go at both and see how the customers react.


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                            look at cute-zone on ebay, these are nice stands.


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                              As an organiser and crafter of 25+ years experience, I have to say two things about displays at fairs, regardless of what you are selling.

                              1. Height, there has to be height to your display so that you draw attention, things flat on the table cannot be seen from a distance and you will be bypassed.
                              2. Table cloth. Always cover your table with a cloth that reaches the floor at the front. There is nothing worse than seeing a person's legs, bags, stock, lunch etc under the table. It doesn't matter what colour, material you use this is personal choice and will be something that will co-ordinate/ show off your items.

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