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  • hi

    hi all im new here and just started on card making and finding it really adictive. id like to have a go at embossing, can that be done with card making, and if so are there any sites that give you a step by step guide on how to do and hot to start off like tools needed etc
    might be slightly daft question to everyone that knows but i dont thats why i asking no one seems to now on my usual forum @docrafts
    and help or suggestions and i would be really grateful.
    also can you do things n here lie on do crafts and upload images so that you can get what other members think of them and can give you suggestions on if you can change anything
    thanx all
    kat x

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    Yep, I think there is a section where you can show your latest creations.

    Re Embossing, youl need a heat gun, some embossing ink and embossing powder.
    Many people ask if they can use a hairdryer or a toaster instead of a heat gun but they dont work.

    You can get(unless its discontinued)an embossing set from Argos for around £20.Sometimes just the gun can cost £25 but the set comes with 1 ink and 2 powders so its a good deal.

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      You can also 'dry' emboss on cards using a stencil and an embossing tool and a light box or a shapeboss for darker card.

      One of the magazines (can't remember which one) recently has a free embossing set, it might be worth having a look in the newsagents they might stil have it.

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        hi KraftyKat

        I am also new on here!

        I have only ever tried embossing once or twice. I used embossing powders with my rubber stamps to make christmas cards, they turned out really well. As it was an experiment and wasn't sure if I wanted to pay loads out for the heat tools, etc. A friend recommended using the toaster instead of buying a heat gun!!!!! It worked a treat....You do have to be careful not to burn the cards though

        Never did get round to buying a heat gun.....should do really!


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          I don't know what I would do with out my heat gun! As well as embossing I use it for melting friendly plastic to make my own embellishments. It's addictive! But then all card making is.
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            This site has lot's of information

            HTH (Hope This Helps)
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              hi, thought i would put my input also. there as far as i know 3 types of embossing,
              1) using rubberstamps and embossing powders, with a heat source, ideally a heat gun, but if your budget doesnt stretch to one, then over the top of the toaster will give you the same effect,
              2) using a metal stencil, and embossing through the stencil. to do this you use a light source can be a light box or by taping it to your window. the stencil goes down 1st and the paper on top, and the light will show where you rub your embossing tool. Running candle wax on the paper 1st will make it nice and easy.
              3) using an embossing board, this is a plastic board with designs on it where you place the paper on the top and rub through and your design shows through. this is done on the wrong side of the paper you wish to use
              hope this helps.