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Decoupage - Foam pads or Silicone ?

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  • Decoupage - Foam pads or Silicone ?

    Hi , I have just started getting into doing decoupage work and using foam pads at the moment and getting some good results , I see people talking about using silicone instead , is it just personal preference or is there a clear leader here ?

    At the moment I have like a whole selection of foam pads all at different thickness's . But wondering if I should go down the silicone route the next time I'm buying supplies..

    Thanks all .

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    Hi & to the forum,
    I like silicone because its a bit more forgiving, gives you the chance to move it around a bit,and adds that extra shape, it does take a little while to dry between layers though as the pads allow you to work faster.


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      Thanks for the quick reply , I guess I should just buy some and try a few cards with it . Every time i do a new project I find something else I need to buy ! - Clever Adhesives for Crafters


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        I prefer silicone too, like Autumn Rose it stays moveable for a while so you can position your layers really carefully, plus you can make each layer as thick or as thin as you like.

        But I think it's just personal preference really & to see which suits you best.

        I agree with your comment about needing to buy something everytime, I'm still like that (hence the reason I spend so much money as I always need the latest something or other )
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          I use the PInflair glue gel, no smell and as said above you can shape the item better.


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            I don't do a great deal of decoupage but when I do I'm a foam pad gal Main reason being that it's quicker than glue as you don't have to wait for it to dry....and I'm always in too much of a hurry for my card. I'd say out of my customers that do decoupage in a big way it's split about 50/50 for foam pads and silicone.
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              I definitely prefer foam pads and have a selection of sizes and thicknesses... I don't have the patience to wait for silicon to dry!! I like to start something and work on it until it's finished rather than having to stop and start waiting for something to dry


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                I use different size foam pads too, curl the paper using my bone folder and then put say the 3mm in the middle and then 2mm or 1mm just in from the edges. I'd like to have a go of silicone one day, but I like to finish the piccie off straight away too. The pinflair silicone does look good, very clear, and I think it lasts up to 5 years in the tube and over a week in the syringe. Have you seen the new black foam pads for darker paper/card, they look good on the telly anyway!
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                  I haven't seen the black ones advertised , but I had a local craft company supply me with some black foam pads for some wedding invites I helped a Friend with, I did, it was a while ago , but I think they said they did white grey and black. I still have loads left as I over ordered slightly !!!

                  I just ordered some of the PinFlair stuff anyway so I will see what I can do with that.
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