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have I shown you this one ???

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  • have I shown you this one ???

    our cards are at the bottom of the page

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    You're on so many places at the moment - and your cards look great.

    I have to admit, I was on the phone and not really paying attention when I clicked on your link, and got all confused how I ended up on Sightzone! Then hung up the phone - paid attention and realised it was the right place to be!!



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      in a way theres all connected
      heres the story
      we made a tactile card for a friends neice and sent a photo of it to a cardmaking magazine and won star prize for it
      I got a lot of good response about the card and it got me to thinking that I would like to make more
      One sunday I e.mailed loads of people who I thought may be able to help me market them and this lovely man e.mailed me back
      he lost his sight a few years ago due to meningitus and has since started fundraising for the blind
      he has helped us to market our cards and has been such a lovely man , he sent us a braille maker and postage labels and wouldn't accept any money for them
      recently he asked us if in return we would make him 2 christmas cards one for his son and one for his wife ( who loves lillys and theres the link ) I googled lilies and found the site where my card is now featured
      I asked her if she would mind us using a photo and she said as a one off we could do it for free as long as we put her details on the back of the card which I was more than happy to do
      it was her idea to put the card on the website and link back to her website
      there are still some lovely people about and I am extremely lucky to have found 2 very nice people on my travels through cyberspace


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        you make lovely cards!


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          oooo they are fab, i love the braille one xx

          try a free graze box use code 5THR7LB


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            Lovely and various. There is something to choose from!