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  • I'm scared!!!!!

    I am joining the legions doing their first craft fair shortly....Saturday to be precise and am having a last minute panic too! Join the club eh?!

    I think I have remembered everything........but guess this will just have to be a learning experience. Have got cloth to cover stall, display stands and baskets, duplicate book for receipts and orders, stock list to tick off what we sell, change, tape, pens, card, business cards, price display and am going to take the good advice of others and take along a few bits to make some cards while we are there.

    My biggest concern is the stock and the way the stall is going to look. We have already spent a fortune trying to get set up for this although haven't opted for any professional display options. I guess when you are just starting out you work with whatever you can and then develop your display as you gain experience. As long as the other crafters don't laugh at me for looking like a complete novice!

    As for stock.....have seen a couple of people say 100 - 150 cards.....we are selling prints too and have around 130 cards at the moment and about 30 prints but are also taking orders if necessary. We only have a 6 ft table so don't actually have room for too much so will just rotate through the day to display different prints.

    Do you reckon we'll be alright? oh.....and do you think we are pricing the prints fairly. They are photographs of Norfolk. Mounted with backing board and cellophane wrapped. £15 for A 4 size and £10 for A5? Would you be happy to pay that? We saw a chap last week asking £32 per print and to be honest.....the photo's were no better than ours.

    Sorry to drone on.....just getting it all sorted in my own head more than anything I think!

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    Your prices sound fine, take as many cards as you can, don't put them all out otherwise the stall will look overcrowded. One tip I always leave plenty of time (DH says too much time) but I would rather unpack, set up, tweak as necessary then sit and have a cup of coffee and a breather for 30 mins rather than panicking that the doors are due to open.

    Most of enjoy and relax, wishing you well.


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      hi there

      Sounds like you're well organised, I can't think of anything obvious you've forgotten.

      I'm sure you'll be fine when you get there, I've got my first one next month & finding posts like yours really useful and I'm making a list of things I need to think about.

      Hope it all goes well for you, let us know how you get on. I think £15 & £10 sounds very reasonable for prints, I'd pay that for something I wanted.

      all the best x
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        Good luck on the day, and I think your prices are more than fair.


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          Sounds fairly priced to me. you didn't mention bags to put sold items in.
          good luck, most of all enjoy it.
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            Originally posted by JaneyBelinda View Post
            As long as the other crafters don't laugh at me for looking like a complete novice!
            Remember people laugh 'at' you for different reasons - they may be arrogant, jealous or insecure and trying to bring you down to make themselves feel better.

            You may feel like a novice but you certainly seem organised and well stocked so I doubt you will look like one

            All the best xx
            Terry xxx
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              You sound good to go!! Great advise about arriving early, it's amazing how long a 6ft table can take to set up and get just right! Don't worry about not having any so called "professional" display items, as long as your cloth to cover your table is pressed, clean and long enough to cover to the ground and you don't overcrowed your table you'll be fine. One thing you didn't mention in your "list of things" was a calculator... if you're anything like me I'm hopeless at adding up in my head so I always take a calculator along just incase! Also wasn't sure if you listed bags down to put your brought items in, oh and a flask of tea always goes down well once you've set up, you can sit back and relax before the doors open and the crowds descend on your wonderful stall

              Good luck!


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                You lot are all so bloomin' lovely! Thank's for the advice. I forgot to mention bags for sole items but we do have plenty and also bubble wrap for the prints. Oh....and yes......a calculator as my maths is absolutely awful.

                Just arrived home tonight to some more of my husbands photos which I hadn't seen printed and mounted and they look beautiful even if I do say so myself. I'm not expecting huge sales but we want to give this a go for a good few months and see how it goes. We both love it and as you can probably guess from my rambling e-mail, we enjoy talking to people so I think we'll just have a giggle on Saturday whatever happens!

                Anyway....thanks again. Will keep you posted.


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                  Hi all........thanks again for all your advice and just thought I'd let you know that we didn't do too badly at all. We sold a print within 5 minutes of opening which was fantastic. Had loads of positive feedback on our work - in fact, someone even compared one of my husbands pictures to an Ansel Adams which was such a compliment. Loads of people took business cards too. We sold 24 cards aswell. The organiser was very impressed with us and wants us back. She's also going to pass our details on to other organisers in the area. Great start so pretty chuffed. It's amazing when someone you don't know is willing to part with hard earned cash for something you have created.

                  Thanks again.



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                    excellent - well done to both of you. It's fantastic when someone buys your stuff isn't it, a real boost to the ego.

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                      Good for you! I don't know a thing about craft fairs, but I'm guessing that if the organiser is recommending you to others, then you must be doing something good! Well done.

                      Gail x

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                        That's a great result. Hope it continues as well. Always helps to boost the confidence as well when you get good feedback. Mind you I had more feedback than buying at the one I was doing yesterday. I began to feel like saying "don't tell me how lovely my photographs are, buy a card!" Never mind at least they might come back another time.


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                          It looks as if your hobby has become your business, and the things are going quite well, anyway! We sometimes experience difficulties, but we must not get too much upset...