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    I am just wondering where you buy your cardstock from and what kind you use? DO you use 12 x 12 card and cut it to size but then what do you make the envelopes from? Co ordinating paper? Or do you use pre cut and scored cards?

    Either way does anyone have any good websites or companies that they would recommend?

    Thanks for the advice in advance!

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    I buy bulk boxes of A4 card from the Paper Mill Shop and you can buy envelopes in bulk too - all different sizes depending on what you need. You can sometimes get bargains from fleabay too

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      Hi, from other recommendations on here I use Craft Creations. They have a huge range and excellent service. Also you can order a catalogue, which is great for browsing through and includes a sizing chart of all their card sizes, so easy to see what you need!



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        Mostly Paper Mill for me too as I like to feel the quality of the card and also you can pick all the different colours you like


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          I'm with Stacey on this one. I use Craft Creations. They have a huge selection of pre-cut and scored cards, but I use their cardstock. Again, they have a super selection. You buy per large sheet and they cut it to whatever size you want at no extra charge. I tend to stick to A4 size (four A4s to a sheet) as I find them easier to deal with and you can do most card sizes with that. I buy ready made envelopes from them too. My enjoyment is in creating the card - I'd find it too time consuming to make envelopes for them too.



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            I have never had much luck with envelope glue, so I do still tend to buy my envelopes in, I still like to get card stock from create & craft.


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              Most of our card stock is A4 and comes from the paper mill or from art and craft shops, folded A4 makes a reasonable sized card, dont want to go too big with the new postal charges system, Some of our envelopes are bought but mainly they are either custom made in coordinating colours or the thick ones such as decoupage or flowery etc have a made to measure box to protect them if you've spent time and effort to create a piece of art it only seems right to try your hardest to make sure it arrives as good condition as it left the studio even if the postie doesn't understand DO NOT BEND


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                Thanks for the suggestions, will have a look at the companies suggested.


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                  I usually stock up on card at the quilling guild AGMs, I usually buy A5 card and then buy envelopes separately.
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