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  • Newbie desperately needing help

    Hi there. I am launching in head first to my first craft fair at the weekend. I produce cards from photographs myself and my husband have taken of the North Norfolk coastline and various flaura and fauna! First attempt to sell to the general public but have had great feedback from family and friends and when donating cards to village fete stalls etc so thought we'd give it a go. But we are complete novices!

    Anyway.....thought we had everything covered and then suddenly realised today......packaging! All the cards and prints are sold in cellophane bags but apart from brown paper wrapping and bubble wrap for the prints, I have nothing for the cards. How important is it to provide paper bags when making a sale? And if it's crucial, any ideas where I can get some pdq!?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Janey B

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    Hi Janey and welcome to the forum.

    Not too sure about the bags at this short notice, just googled paper bags Norfolk and found this: not too sure how far away etc. I have paper bags and carriers and always pop in a leaflet for future contact on any sales, some customers don't want a bag but others do better to be safe than sorry.


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      As your cards are in cellophane, I don't think you really need bags. I don't usually give any bags at all, unless specifically asked, in a save-the-planet kinda way... it's just unnecessary, I reckon!

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        Hi Janey b

        I can see you have already had great advise on the bags (and putting in a flyer with all your details on for repeat custom) you could also just wrap up the loose cards people buy with the brown paper you have for wrapping up prints, so i just want to say GOOD LUCK! with your first craft fair...let us know how it goes please.


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          Hello Janey and to the forum, good luck with the craft fair.

          Jo x
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            Good question Janey, and brought to mind something I hadn't thought of either. My first fair is next month and I hadn't given bags a thought. I think I'll get some so that if people buy multiple cards (I hope ) I can put them together in a bag, but if they're just buying one (yah boo sucks meanies) then they can take them as they are in their cellophane wrappers, unless they specifically want a bag.

            All the best with your fair, do let us know how it goes
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              Hello and

              I wouldn't automatically hand out a bag, but if the buyer requests one or buys a few items then I would use the brown square paper bags(like the ones you get penny mix-ups in). You could try if I remember correctly they have a 48hr delivery service(at an additional fee) but don't quote me on that!!

              Good luck for this weekend and let us know how you get on

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                Just wanted to say thank you all so much for your advice. Luckily enough I managed to borrow a Booker cash and carry card and popped along today to buy my bags. Now I'm in a total panic about my display but am sure it will be ok on the day.

                Thanks again and will let you know how I get on!