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    I really need to find somewhere to sell my handmade cards I need to make it as a business. I am looking for ways to sell to retail or clubs etc for their funds any thing to get started everyone needs cards so why is it so difficult to get orders.I dontjust want this I need it to work can anyone help.I've tried ebay but I havent had many sales and it works out quite expensive.
    All advice and ideas welcome.

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    Have you thought about approaching local shop owners directly?

    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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      I started my business making and selling cards and found the best way is to contact shops first to find a good time to take in samples of your cards !

      Florists are a good place to start as well as small independent gift shops .
      If you are going to do it now i would also carry Valentines cards too as shops buy in months ahead especially florists ( i used to be one before my divorce )

      I hope this helps

      Sara x
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        Personally, and please correct me anyone if you think I'm wrong, I don't think there's much point in trying to sell on the net, there's too little mark up on an individual card and there's too much competition.

        Local shops and craft fair has to be the way to go.
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          I think that i have to agree on individual cards, I make a loss on any sales that i take that are under £5 in price because after costs from payment processors which charge you alos on the cost of the postage - unless postage is a silly price, in which case the card would have to be so bloomin spectacular for most people to pay a silly amount of postage, then a loss is almost inevitable.

          Two or three cards sold at a time may just work - I think that card sales would have to be the back end of a business with other stock on that site to lure customers - careful selling text may help encourage - brainwash custoers that they need to buy the extras to go with that bespoke hand made card - That said, i think that most card sites do have a lovely and wide range of stock and whilst all sites may have sales that loose them money, if someone comes along and buys a full wedding stationary package then you are quids in - rough comes with the smooth and any shrude business person will have already or should have already worked out how not to go bankrupt in the first year.

          See I would happily consider a company sending me a sample card and asking me if i would consider stocking their wares - I can;t say that i would agree BUT I have several lines of stock that have really interested me and I have other business' stock on my site.

          So, i'd always say, email as many companies as you can and ask then would they be intereted in selling your cards. I love hand made cards and last year I was so lucky to find a neighbour made the most lovely cards at a really good price and I will go back to her this year again.

          I would only possibly consider selling packs of cards though so as not to loose money.


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            Just to add, if i go into clinton cards, i can come out thirty quid worse off with all the bits and bats - if a card site has a decent selection then i can see no reason why they shouldn't make a good dollar - and yep, there is competition so all it means is that you have to work hard, have the right presented site and work on SEO - have a USP and make sure that you are the top card site on the net.


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              Also with net work, you need to be 100% dedicated - the cards have to be good quality and that but different - I think that offereing a service on a card site may help - so personalised cards and personalised gift ware - thing is you buy cards for a birthday so all the other birthday stuff could be sold - personally i would buy themed partyware with my kids names on it - and i'd accept that I paid extra for it - and yep, i would pay for a pack of hand made Christmas cards - most hand made xmas cards are very simple and are sually texttured card with topper stuck on - talking about supermarket cards now

              The main issue on cards alone is competeing with the likes of tesco, Studio cards and in this current climate every little helps BUT as the big men can't keep their costs down and refuse to keep costs down then the smaller business, if they are willing to do a lot of work for a bit of money and work hard at advertising then i think that more and more small cottage business' will start to make it happen.

              If I owned a hand made card shop now I'd be buying all of tesco's half price xmas cards and marking them up and passin them off as mi own what can you not do that?


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                I make my own cards and individual ones I sell for £3.50 upwards, my sets of 4 Christmas sell for £4.00 (Pagan has already told me off about this price). She is right if the cards are hand made the price should reflect this, they are not mass produced and some cards can take an hour to make.

                I have two people who buy, one who will willingly pay for a card appreciating the workmanship etc, another that won't pay more than a £1.00. I am not prepared to undervalue myself and my creativity so will only sell for a realistic price.

                I sell direct and through my website and at Craft Fairs, open house etc. I have tried shops but found they want to mark up so much that even the wholesale price is not cost effective.

                Good Luck


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                  You souldn't sell yourself short on your cards If you do go to Clintons for instance they are very expensive and mostly on pirnted Not like handcrafted individual cards.
                  Mine sell from 7.99 and for the 3d pram I did I sell for 9.99 and they sell because you cant buy in a card shop

                  Good Luck with your selling
                  Tina xx
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                    Hi there... Get your own website going and get it on google and advertise it..

                    A site could cost you 10.00 every 2 months. To get the site advertised stick it on google.

                    How about ebay ???

                    Best and kind regards
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                      I have mounted a good selection of my cards in a folder, with all details of the card, the colour availability etc next to it.

                      I have mounted on a single sticky tab, my business cards in the front so they can take one, and taken it round businesses (like the book ones do)

                      I have made quite a bit doing it this way
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                        I'd approach independent shops - my sister and brother-in-law have a post office and village store and prefer to sell cards by crafters They even have cards from one person who lives in other part of the country, she called in, with samples of her work, while she was on holiday. She sells, in little shops, all over the country and makes a living at it. So, it really is worthwhile taking samples with you, wherever you go, just in case you see a likely outlet.

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                          If you want to sell online you've got to get smart, be different. The competition is fierce and the prices can be low. You have to think hard if you want to go into competition at this level.

                          Personally I wouldn't, loads of work for little reward. The better route is the exclusive card route, that's what I would do.

                          Also I would be puttingmy time into promotion and marketing. If you want to sell online, or ffline, you need to be spending at least half your time selling your stuff. That means SEO, advertising, Adwords, Forums, Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Myspace etc... You need to be in all of these to exploit online opportunites.

                          Look for different ways to promote yourself. How to videos, articles, competitioins and so on. The more different the better.

                          If was going to get into the card business my main efforts would be to set up a "personalised club" - a monthly membership club where people sign up and pay each month automatically for personalised cards. Just an idea!

                          Hope that helps.

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                            I can't help but thinking its the minority of people who buy cards online... I consider myself an "average joe" when it come to buying cards, particularly birthday ones. At best a remember a day or two before and buy one at the local shop or, if I'm already going there, in town.... I would never consider buying one oneline.... I just might do if it were invitations to something but not other than that.... maybe I'm just unorganised (and I am male after all )
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                              Originally posted by splatcat View Post
                              maybe I'm just unorganised (and I am male after all )
                              Enough said!!! LOL - only joking - you're doing well if you send cards. If it was down to my husband, nobody would ever get birthday cards.

                              I do agree about buying online - I think most people still prefer to go somewhere to buy their cards. A card can look nice online, but you don't really know what the quality is like etc. and a lot of people may be put off by that.

                              What puts me off about selling online, whether it be your own site or an auction site is the posting them out part. I live nowhere near a post office, so it would be very time consuming and very expensive to drive to a post office with every order. And, lets face it, if someone orders one of your cards, they want it tomorrow, rather than next week some time. And then, of course, there's problems with things going missing in the post. Too much hassle, in my opinion.

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