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Selling my cards - is it a dream?

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  • Selling my cards - is it a dream?

    I was made redundant a few months ago and have been using my time to make cards - something I did a few years ago but them forgot about. I absolutely love it and my friends have given me some really positive feedback about my designs - they have bought 60 cards off me in the last month!!

    I am now thinking whether I could make this my business rather than returning to the depressing 9 to 5 working life that I used to have! I'm lucky in that I don't have to make lots of money, maybe just enough to cover the mortgage. I have read other threads about how to start selling cards, setting up a website, etc and they're been really useful.

    What I would love to know is whether I can expect to make money doing this, or whether most of you just do it as a hobby? I know this depends on how good my cards are, how hard I try and sell them - and so on, but has anyone been in a similiar situation? Should I go for it or stick to it as a hobby??


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    unfortunately there are a lot of people selling cards for silly prices and also a lot of rubbish cards that should be in the bin I have seen on market stalls, but on the other hand there are some places that people apreciate the skill that goes into a quality card and it is possible to get a good outlet for good cards and make a reasonable turnover


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      Hey Fiona,

      A huge number of us on here sell our crafts and a few are lucky enough to do it full time. But it's not easy. We're called starving artists for a reason!

      I think you should definitely have a go at setting up the business and seeing how you go with that. Everyone on here is so helpful and always try to find an answer to any questions you might have.

      I've been thinking about going full time with my business but the general thought on that is to make sure you're in a position to do it - which I'm not. A lot of people say to at least keep a part time job because then you have some security in knowing that you will get paid each month.

      But if, like you say, you don't need to make much and you feel comfortable with the idea that you cannot control how much income you get each month then go for it.

      I have no idea what I've put and if it's helpful at all. I tend to babble. Anyway summary - if you are in a financial position to do so - go for it. If not, maybe you should consider building up the business alongside a part-time job until your income from the cards becomes more steady.

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        Good advice from Yvonne and I couldnt agree more

        I was made redundant a few years ago too so had the luxury of dabbling in both crafting and my NLP work for a good while but it's far from easy, particularly when you're the sole bill payer and especially if that includes a mortgage to keep up

        I think you have to be exceptionally hard-working and go-getting to make it pay the bills so if you're built that way and can afford to give it a try - go for it - the last thing you want to do is regret not trying

        But dont beat yourself up if you opt for the back-up of a part-time or maybe temporary job to keep the wolf from the door - thats what I've done and it does make life a bit less stressful knowing there's a pay cheque coming

        Enjoy whatever you do
        Shaz x
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          I do this for a living full-time and as mentioned by mymiyel we are starving artists but happy. You have to decide have you enough to get by and pay the bills at least for the next few months, remember Christmas is just around the corner and no matter how hard things are people generally will spend something at this time of year. also not working opens up other worlds, such as coffee mornings, maybe play groups with your cards nearer Christmas or early enough to make people remember you. There is no doubt that it is easier doing this when not working, otherwise your attention is divided, also while you have guaranteed money coming in the incentive is not the same. whatever you decide good luck.


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            Hi Fiona,
            I've been making and selling my own cards for nearly 2 years. I sell them at toddler groups regularly plus a local farm shop stocks them. I also make to order. It's only really a hobby for me as I don't really have time to make loads. My proper job is running a website plus I'm a rep for cards and craft kits/toys and I have 3 young chidren. I think to really make serious money you have to do a lot of events, sell online or have other outlets which will stock them. I think if you really enjoy it and can afford time to build it up as a business then go for it but it might be safer to have a fallback source of income for a bit until you get established.
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              Thanks so much for the responses - it's really helped me to have a good old think about it. I have decided to look for a part time job whilst giving the cards a go, as if I don't try it now I never will!!

              No doubt I will be back on here asking many more questions!!


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                Ah, nice one Fiona, and you know everyone here wishes you all the best of luck and enjoyment in your endeavours

                Shaz x
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                & Rossendale Ramblings!

                Where else can you get Mental and Retail Therapy?!


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                  Card Business

                  Hi Fiona

                  You can turn it into a business, it just takes time, so if you are looking at doing it long term, you really need to get a balance to start with. A job that will give you enough of an income to get by on and provide you with the money for the raw materials to get started. You also need some spare time to build up your business, brand, cards and marketing, whether its online or selling to shops or craft shows. It does take a fair amount of time and be prepared for rejections along the way (not being negative but its something everyone faces), but if its what you want to do and you have a good product then you should go for it and best of luck.


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                    I've been producing and selling cards both via the internet and face to face at fairs etc for a while. I agree with the comments along the line that it'll probably never make you a fortune but for me it's well worth doing. The biggest challenge if selling on-line is getting the web site right and this either costs lots of money for professional help, or a lot of time and patience to do it yourself plus the interest to develop a level of technical skills! I'm lucky as I've family who help me do this part.
                    Whatever route you take I'd say give it a go as you only live once, and best of luck.
                    Best wishes


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                      I started in MARCH this year I set up my website and haven't looked back once I used to be a full time manager for greggs baker's dear me I dont know where I found the time to go out to work

                      Good Luck to you
                      Tina xx
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