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    Hi All,

    REaltively new to card making. Family have asked me to make them some christmas cards and want to be charged for them...thing is i would not know what a reasonable amount would be to charge a stranger never mind family and friends,

    Any advice/comments/thoughts would be greatly welcomed



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    I need to know the same thing !!! I made up my first batch of cards to put in my ebay shop and have no idea what to charge for them.


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      It can be very tricky to price cards. It's slightly easier if you are doing it more as a hobby rather than a business because then you don't have to factor in how much your time costs as much. My advice would be to have a look at standard cards when you are out and about to get the general feel for how much cards cost so that you are not pricing yourself out of the market or not charging enough. The golden rule is to make sure that you charge enough to cover your costs - sounds daft but I know people who don't! Also be aware that there are always people who will complain about your prices even if you only charge 1p!
      There was a poll somewhere on the forum a while back asking what price people would pay for a handcrafted card - it might still be around somewhere.
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        Hi Tracy
        Not sure about other people but i charge £2.50 when I sell at craft fairs and £2.00 when i sell to friends - and they all say I should charge more ! Not sure if that helps but good luck!


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          That sounds reasonable to me - although someimes my cards can be so simple and minimalistic that I'd persoanlly feel bad charging that much! But that's just me.

          Although you enjoy it and it is a hobby, making a batch of cards can sometimes become a chore, and hard to fit in around work, family, housework which all has to be done too!! - so I would say it is fair to include a charge for your time as well as materials used.

          If you're not sure, theres lots of web sites where peopel sell their cards - perhaps you could search for these and take a look at what they r charging?

          Good luck!


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            Why dont you count the cost of how much it costs to make it and then add on a little for yourself for making it?
            karen xxx


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              2 quid sounds about right, although for sets of cards I would suggest a smaller amount, depending on the complexity of the cards. I've seen sets of 10 stamped cards go for as little as £5...

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                There's some kind of economic theory that says the more expensive something is the more value it is perceived to have - don't go in too low - you can always drop, but you can't really go up.
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                  I work out the cost of the card and then add 50%. The only problem with card making is you never get your time back, because if you charged for that no one would ever buy.

                  I used to make cross stich cards which took me ages to make but still only ever got between £2.50 & £3.00 for them

                  Good luck with your card making.