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Its Huuuuuuuuge!!!!!!

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  • Its Huuuuuuuuge!!!!!!

    Hehehehehe - thought that would get your attention!

    A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of SusieQ's 1000 post giveaway and my prize arrived today.

    I asked for a christmas card for my step daughter - some may remember me having some beads made a while ago with her company logo on.

    You would not believe the size of the card that just arrived!!!!

    Its absolutely brilliant and it couldn't be more fitting if my step daughter had made it herself (not that she makes cards, she a knitter). She's 24 years old but is sooooo girly - think pink, purple and sparkles and you should be getting the picture.

    Well Sue - you have totally excelled yourself with this one. Both Urbtaf and myself (makes us sound a bit posh don't it ) are absolutely delighted with the card and have no doubt whatsoever that she will be too.

    Thank you thank you thank you - I could have searched forever for a card that suited and would never have found one half as good.

    My photography skills are totally poo so you must post some pics both outside and inside so that everyone can see how clever you are.

    PS - It took me ages to get into it - there was more bubble wrap and sellotape that the chinese bead sellers use!

    Step-daughter's website selling hand dyed sock yarns

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    ooohhhh that's so exciting! Stepdaughter will have such a lovely surprise
    !Yes the title did get my immediate attention! Especially if HHHhhhhhhuuuuugggggeeeee refers to chocolate!
    Anyway, would love to see some pics of this and must say what an unusual name Urbtaf.


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      Sounds awesome! I want to see a pic! I too am 24 and love pink and sparkles! I feel I need to meet this lady!!

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        I am so pleased that you like it!!!!! I wondered if it would arrive this morning. I will post some pics in the card section so that everyone can have a look!!! My hubby thought it was too big but I said that special cards can't be too big. I loved it, I am too critical of my owen cards but I must admit to being pleased with that one.he he, I've been waiting for your reaction!!!!! Sue xx


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          Ooh have you put it in the cards section yet Susie babe? (little forum legs a-running to go have a look)

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