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Question about starting a wedding invitation business

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  • Question about starting a wedding invitation business

    Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking about starting a wedding invitation business and I have a couple of questions for those who have experience in this matter.

    Regarding the handwriting of the return and mailing addresses on the outer envelope and on the RSVP envelope inside, is it the responsibility of the customer to do that? Or is it the responsibility of the business who is making the invitations?

    Who is responsible for the postage and to mail out the invitations? Is it the business or the customer?

    I'd appreciate it if I could get some input.

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    Normally you'd print the inner words leaving a gap for the client to enter the names.
    The envalopes would also be supplied blank. These would then be packed and sent out to the client. They normally like to have their invites ready and waiting for up to a year before hand.
    The responsibility of the client is to send the invites out.
    I think if you offered the service of filling in the blanks and sending out the invitations you'd be leaving yourself open to all sorts of problems. What if an invite didn't reach it's destination etc.

    Be prepared to get very very bored creating 100+ identical products.
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      And then they decide that they've changed the colour scheme and you have to start again........


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        And cash up front in case they not only change the colour scheme but their minds as well.
        God helps them that help themselves.


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          I'd like to thank everyone so far for their replies.

          Critchley mentioned: "And cash up front in case they not only change the colour scheme but their minds as well. "

          So, it's okay to ask for a nonrefundable deposit then?


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            Always ask for at least 50% deposit, draw up a contract for them to sign agreeing that if they change their minds they are responsible for all costs incurred to date, also to clearly state colours and sample print etc. I do mine on the computer apart from the decoration so the printing is easy and all details are filled in. They get some blanks to complete for additions if required.

            Once a contract is signed they cannot change the colouring, design or wording etc unless they start the whole process again. I think most brides are quite clear in their thinking but always produce samples of the finished product for proffing first, that way you have only done one invite, save the date etc not 100.


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              Thanks for the advice Caroleecrafts!


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                Surudesu -

                Some of the things you need to remember with wedding orders are:

                - set ground rules that go both ways
                - agree a schedule and a final design
                - take a deposit that at least covers your expenses and is non-refundable once materials have been ordered, with the balance on completion
                - work closely with the bride so you can control any potentially expensive issues or changes
                - break the work into workable chunks so you don't get bored or stressed out
                - be professional - your reputation could be on the line if you get it wrong and customers will always tell others if you fail to give them good service on such an important occasion in their life
                - on the up-side, if you get it right, everything you make for them is an advert in itself and they might just recommend you to others


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                  Hi bizzybee,

                  Thanks for the valuable input!


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                    I have to agree with the above pointers. I have been offering this service for the past few years, although I have had to stop for a while due to home commitments. Here is roughly what I do:
                    • I strongly recommend that a customer buys a sample before placing any order with me. The price of the sample is deducted from any future order (£100 or more) of the same design/colour scheme.
                    • Customer pays 50% as a deposit with her order, the remainder is payable upon completion and before dispatching.
                    • The price charged includes 2 free proofs. Any additional proofs are charged for. Once the proof has been accepted, the deposit becomes non-refundable, work begins on the order.
                    • I also charge the customer for delivery of her order to a single address of her choosing. If an order is split, this may incur additional charges.
                    • All of my inserts are personalised (not including guests names, I always leave this blank) as required by the customer, or left blank for the customer to fill in as required.
                    • All envelopes are supplied blank. If a customer requires the reply envelopes to have a return address, this incurs an additional charge, although I do not advertise this service.
                    I hope this helps!

                    Best wishes,



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                      This is just the thread I needed.
                      I now have a further question. Before I get 'out there' with my designs and portfolio, I have been working my butt off trying to get everything just so. Do you think this is absolutely necessary before starting to put word out? Or do you think if designs are good enough they will sell themselves with out worrying too much about the tiny little details within the portfolio? Eg not having several examples of the same design with colour options shown etc?
                      Sorry if thats too many questions I am waiting for the next nearby wedding fair to see how others have theirs presented etc
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                        Hi Jacqui,

                        I didnt bother to make up all the colour options before launching. I just ensured that I had one of each design, then specified that the design(s) are available in additional colour options. I then made up the additional samples as and when they were ordered, occasionally making some more up if I had the spare time in between. As long as potential customers are aware that you create your designs in other colours, I wouldnt have thought you'd have a problem. I dont think I did...

                        Best wishes,


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                          don't forget 'save the date' cards as this seems to be the new trend. good luck with your venture, let us know how you get on.


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                            Thank you!
                            I have managed to 'mock up' between 3 and 4 sets of each design as I have a few places lined up who are keen to display and take orders for me. This was the main reason why I decided to do a few of each design for evening order of service etc as sometimes to see how different the same design can look just by changing the colour will hopefully fire their inspiration.I am also working on doing some for civil ceremonies/partnerships and am hopeful that these will be a bit of a niche, as the hot foiled banners for those always sell well in my ebay shop. Ony problem I seem to have now, is every time I get set to complete one full 'folio, I get inspired with a totally different idea and so it keeps growing without even leaving the house!
                            I have been strongly advised (and had no problem with securing this at the business end) to get a deposit for each copy I leave with various sources, as of course they cost a lot of time and money to put together. Main headache now is finding enough hours in the day...
                            I wil certainly keep my eye on the ball with this one as I would love to start freeing up some cash!
                            Jacqui x
                            I craft, therefore I am!
                            for hotfoiled cardmaking goodies
                            now Live get your supplies here


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                              While making your own cards by hand is a wonderful and personal tough, I think the amount of time and effort required really does not make it viable. With all the energy I had to put into my wedding arrangements, I am happy that I hired someone to create my wedding invitations for me.
                              sample wedding invitations here.