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A glitter glaze/sparkle to cards

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  • A glitter glaze/sparkle to cards

    Wondering if any of you have any tips for putting a sparkle to a printed card I see lots of products like magic glitter, transparant, glitter pots, clear glue, glitter glue but don't want a messy finish and unsure what could work without spending a fortune testing.

    Does anybody kindly have any tips

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    get a clear ink pad, stamp picture onto card, then add heat it up clear/sparkle powder(you can get loads of different colours), then get a heat gun, melt it and it has a more solid sparkly look to it like its been glittered then varnished.
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      I'm confused with stamp the picture ... *blush*

      I want to print a picture from my printer to card then add a sparkle around it something very mild? Same way about it?

      I'll have to look up the items you have suggested - new to all this


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        Why dont you try a few techniques first!?
        They will all give different results and that way you can choose which one works best for you.
        I would probably go for the 'tiny little bit of pva then a sprinkle of glitter' technique personally, or you could try out a few glitter glues, althoughh id try the branded ones a opposed to the cheap sticks of glue with glitter mixed in, as they can look really cheap and not very glittery! In my house we use Dylon 3D Glitter paint, theyre for use on fabric plastic and card and have a good quantity of glitter in them, and if not you can always add extra!
        Something else my mum uses, although this is mainly for tutu's and wings she makes, is a pearly acrylic that you can buy from most art stores (its actually branded 'acrylic) and she adds a bit of glitter and it looks lovely.
        Hope all that helps


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          Do you mean all over the card? I bought some Glimmer Mist from a craft shop and you spray it over the card, let it dry and it looks very pretty. That is available in different colours. I got like an irredescent one which would go on most things. I think it was about £5. It will last ages though.I don't know where I've put so I can't tell you the maker - it is a new product I think. If I find it later I will come back to you. Says a lot for mycraft storage doesn't it!!!! Sue xx


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            I've got some of that glimmer mist (Memories mist btw) and it's fabby. I also have glitter glue which works really well - I use Glitz-it.

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