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  • Fimo card toppers

    Hello all
    I am about to start playing with fimo. I have brought some colours and a couple of moulds. Any suggestions or tips?
    All welcome. I haven't used fimo since school but only for a small project. I want to 'upgrade' my cards with some homemade toppers. Happy crafting xx

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    Sorry don't have any advice but am going to watch with interest as I have also just bought a few bits to do fimo toppers.


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      I have used tons of fimo in the past, cant say I am brill though but it is great fun. I suppose the best lesson I learned was not to buy the expensive moulds made by fimo/scupley etc and to stick with ice cube moulds, kids cookie cutters or things around the house.

      To start with I just copied pics of things other had done e.g. dogs, wedding couples, full breakfast plates, and then I became a little more adventurous and made things I actually needed for specific scrapbook pages I was doing. Pushing coins and jewellery into fimo gives a great image. Cant wait to see some pics of what you make.


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        wow I love fimo

        Well I have had a dabble with fimo. It went ok for a beginner! When I brought the fimo I did buy a flexible mould of teddies. I didn't think about ice cube trays!! What a good idea, Ikea do the flexible trays and I have winnie the pooh ice cube trays, I'm going to try it! Thanks! So anyway I did some teddies, they look good. I am yet to make a card with one on but when I do I shall attempt to 'show' it. I found by putting talc in the moulds and banging it out that the fimo didn't stick. I also adjusted the temperature as the oven is a bit naff, so I turned it down slighty and took it out a few mins early. I think I am probably going to get addicted to fimo and try make my own bits, I am also going to try a cookie cutter I have. I have read somewhere that you can paint fimo to add details so I may try that too! keep you posted


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          I LOVE fimo!

          I used to make loads of card/scrapbook embellishments, and have just got back into it after. It is so nice to work with!

          One thing I do if I have something in mind that I want to make, is to find a simple picture of it on the net (eg clipart, google images) and print it out or draw my own. Then once you have rolled out the fimo, place the picture over the top and just lightly score over the lines with a knife or needle. This will leave an indentation in the clay, you can then remove the picture and cut right through the fimo to get your shape. If you want to make the same thing again, you will be able to just place the picture on top of the fimo and rub over it lightly with your finger, as it will already have a groove where you scored it the last time. Oh, forgot to say, this only works for flat-backed things like topprs or embellishments, not for 3D models.

          I have never got on with moulds very well, I find them a bit of a pain, but sugarcraft cutters are brilliant, just the right size for card toppers etc and there is a huge vaiety of different ones you can get!

          Have fun playing!

          C x


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            fimo stuff

            Thanks claireybear! I made some more teddies using the flexible mould, I just haven't had time to make any cards! I have been working loads but have Friday off, yay! So I am going to spend a day in my craft shed. I am going to try some 'handmade' fimo toppers. Today I got another mould of berries and leaves, its not flexible so it may not be as easy as they say! Keep your eyes out for some pics of what I make on Friday (if I can work out how to!) keep happy, keep crafting