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organised or not ??

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  • organised or not ??

    if you've got a lot of card orders do you get them all done and out of the way in plenty of time or do you leave them to the last minute ???
    unfortunately and I have no idea why I belong to the latter group.
    I never used to be like this I used to be such an organised person but with the cards I just can't seem to work like that which is why this weekend I've got 10 new home cards to make , 34 invitations to a 75th birthday party and 7 cards for my friends order oops !!

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    No, you are not alone, I wait until the last minute too!

    I generally stare at my commissions whilst I make new things....... they stare back making me feel rather uncomfortable, until I get to the point that I have to go watch the telly cos I can't stand being in the same room as them!


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      I'm always on the last push with my jewellery stuff - unless its something that I really wanna do so I can't wait to get stuck into it.

      Today I have completed 8 orders (3 small commissions and 5 repairs) that were taken in almost 2 weeks ago and all were promised for tomorrow. As you can imagine - today has been rather busy considering I was working the market with OH.

      I really should buck my ideas up.

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