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Help Needed !!! I want to start card making !!!

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  • Help Needed !!! I want to start card making !!!

    Hi there,

    I currently make and sell jewellery on ebay which is doing quite well but i've decided to try my hand at making cards to stick in my shop and to sell to friends ect.

    Hoiwever, ive never tried it before so before i shell out loads of money, i have bought some starter packs on ebay for £3 which will let me mess around and see what i can make.

    My question is, what tools will i need to get myself started ? I know that sounds silly but i havent got a clue and looking on ebay there are all sorts of scissors and heat guns and stuff !!!!!

    Any help will be appreciated !!!

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    I recomend rubber stamps and embossing.You can get a couple of ink pads/heat powder and a gun from Argos for about £20.

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      thanks, i think i better buy a book as i hav no idea where to even begin, i just bought a few craft packs to mess around with and then progress onto better things.

      it should be a good little earner for christmas


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        Originally posted by Sticky Nicky

        it should be a good little earner for christmas
        yes indeedy.Do you sell them incividually or in packs?

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          I'm just going to do them individually, but in packs is an option too i suppose. Hey, i may even me rubbish at it and not do it at all. My stuff will be in this weekend hopefully and i can myabe get started.

          I want to do all kinds of cards but at christmas people like to get special cards for mums, dads, family members and friends so i should hopefully make a litle bit that way and i'll stick some in my ebay shop , people may buy one or two when they are buying jewellery.


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            Just mess around, that's how I started, just messing around, see what looks good, BTW, yr jewlery is lovey.

            I like using peel off stickers, don't very often now, but good thing to start with.

            Also, those DIY packs, where u get everything are good for futre insiration, or Dawn Bibby's craft hr on QVC....
            Nattelie xx


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              Another good tip is to look at things that aren't normally crafty things that you might have lying around the house - e.g wrapping paper, bits off old cards etc. If you have a hobbycraft near you then they have lots of leaflets that you can take away on card making. A thing I use lots of are sticky pads - poundland do them and you get lots for your pound.
              Hope this helps
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                Thanks alot peeps !!!

                I'm just waiting on my starter packs coming through so i am going to get stuck in this weekend, husband is away fishing and camping with his mates so i have the house to myself which will be perfect


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                  Hi there

                  I am quite new to card making and last Christmas had a number of orders (around 25) for small cross-stitched christmas scene. I bought a few of the small cross-stitch patterns, used existing threads and bought card and sticky ribbons. They looked great and managed to make me around £120 which was great.

                  I started off with the packs which help you with inspiration - always find that the hard bit. Get a few rubber stamps, a heat gun and you will be away!

                  Happy crafting



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                    hi, i too use rubber stamps, as there are so many things you can do with them, you can make your own toppers, decoupage, mat and mount or simply stamp straight onto your card and colour in using various mediums, i use watercolour pencils which give a great effect. If you decide that you enjoy making cards i suggest you get yourself a card creaser and a good scoring tool or bone folder, that way you can crease your own cardstock which works out much much cheaper, i buy card for 10p a sheet and i can get loads of cards from say 10- 20 sheets, dont just think of the usual c6 size either, try DL, small square ,large square etc the list is endless.

                    good luck hope you enjoy !!



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                      Thanks people, i didnt realise that there was so much to it !!!

                      First of all, i still havent received my starter packs from ebay !!! So i've bought loads of stuff of ebay, got a little bit carried away !!! So as soon as it all comes through, i'm giving it a go.

                      I will buy some stamps, i didnt buy any of them as i wasnt sure if they would look good.

                      I'll post a picture as soon as i make a decent one !!!


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                        you could take photos of your jewelery and edit it a little in photoshop and then get some photos printed up and stick them on blank greeting cards?


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                          Originally posted by jumblebugs
                          you could take photos of your jewelery and edit it a little in photoshop and then get some photos printed up and stick them on blank greeting cards?
                          good idea thanks !!!


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                            Start-up help!

                            When I first got into crafting I bagan with card toppers, peel-offs, punches, stamps and dacel edge scissors. With those tools you can make virtually anything. Oh and Glue of course!

                            I found embossing rather difficult and messy to begin with but I finally got the hang of it.

                            Pre-designed card toppers help as they provide you with a basis to work from, a guide if you like! They are pretty cheap to buy and you get plenty for your money. I bought a pack of 30 taglets from Katy Sue Designs for only £2.50, which make cards and taglets...

                            Good luck with your new direction.



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                              Well i made my first batch of cards and i thought they were quite good. A few weeks later i looked at them again and decided that they werent that good.

                              So for the past week i have been on holiday in a log cabin in the north of scotland with my husband and dogs to chill out basically. Anyway, i made a batch up there and i have decided that they are definitely good ( well for me anyway ) I'll post some pictures later on in the week to see what you all think.