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Has anyone started on their Christmas Cards?

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  • Has anyone started on their Christmas Cards?


    I was just wondering if anyone else had started their christmas cards yet?

    I haven't done them before (started in April), and could do with some inspiration and tips on what's in this year, etc.


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    i just picked up a do-crafts goody bag and it was chock a block full of christmas goodies. maybe one of those would inspire you

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      Yes Ive started should have really started sooner if im honest.

      Im cutting-cutting-cutting decoupage at the moment fed up with seeing farther christmas candels, holly and snow men etc .... !!! lol

      But has to be done as got 10 days worth of selling at various christmas craft fairs im doing. I must be mad as well as working full time and keep our home running.

      You think I would learn and allways say I wont take on as many dates next year but I allways do

      Sara x


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        Always start some of my designs at Christmas, easier to think Christmassy then!! Then they get left until early summer. Just about got my selection together for this year now.


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          I already have about 50 done will be making some more this week

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            Just started listing Christmas cards yesterday. Only two up so far, long way to go
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              I'm thinking about them, I have a couple of ideas that I might make before my craft fair at the August bank holiday. I've also got a couple of Christmas dates so I'd better get some Christmassy stuff done for them!


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                I don't make cards but I started making my christmas decorations and things back in April. Its hard work trying to feel christmassy when its 20degrees outside, but it has to be done!.
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                  The weather here today feels more like November - perfect for Christmas thinking!!


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                    Don't mention Christmas... people will start putting decorations up!!!

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                      So far I have made about 50 or so 'normal' Christmas cards but have yet to start my Christmas bookatrix. Between hubby's family, my family, work colleagues and friends/neighbours we need almost 200 cards for ourselves and we have a few Christmas events booked so I need to get moving lol.


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                        I don't make Christmas cards but teach cardmaking classes so have to start designing them now, in August!!!


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                          Never stopped. I collect used Christmas cards and recycle what bits I can to make cards, tags, boxes and anything else I can think off. The remainder go into the recycling boxes at the supermarkets just after Christmas.

                          Have quite a lot done already, but I need to get moving to get the rest of the stuff used up before the next lot of used cards comes in!



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                            The weather's pretty crud here too, raining and cold, brrrrrrrrrrr... Fluffy, I've just bought a Bookatrix board and can't wait to have a go. Still going through the boxes and found some old fashioned Mamelock Christmassy images...I reckon another day or so and I'll be ready to go...Noel, Noel,'s only August!!!
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                              I know what you mean about inspirations needed. I have been off sick for the past 2 week's due to having bronchitis and thought pass the time away when i was feeling a bit better do some cards.

                              I have done all of about .............5 just can't get any ideas in my head at all. I did start on 2 only y'day but they didn't turn out that great & went straight into the bin, i think my mind was on other things (like going back to work tomorrow).

                              I do want to get a batch done a week as not only do i have mine to do by a relative of mine asked for me to do her's again this year - she asked me last year - so i know i have a big job on my hand.

                              Catch you later