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How do I go about this then?

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  • How do I go about this then?

    I found some lovely wrapping paper with dresses on, which would look lovely on a card and I would like to mount them with the little pads. I thought I would stick the paper onto some thin card with glue, then when dry cut out the dresses, and mount on the card-is the right way to you this when using paper?
    thanks for your help.x

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    Sounds like a good method to me.

    I'd do that or I have in the past stuck an extra layer of paper to it. Depends how thick you want it I suppose.

    Sometimes the paper itself might be thick enough to use just that.

    Personal preference at the end of the day.

    Good luck with it.
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      there' is no right or wrong way - just experiment and see what you come up with

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        I'd say just to try out different ideas and see which methods you prefer - there aren't right or wrong ways of doing things, just the way we "prefer" to do things.

        Good luck with experimenting


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          Sounds like a good way to try to me too Tammy, no doubt cos the wrapping paper might not be the thickest so you need to give it a bit more umph

          Experimenting's best though, especially if you have different types of glue to try, something too wet might make the paper ripple a bit so just give it a whirl

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            The thing that I have done with wrapping paper is:

            Put glue on the right side of the design and then stick it to acetate so that the acetate covers the design which can be seen through the acetate. This way you can see the design and the acetate protects the paper which usually tends to tear easily.