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very new to card making!

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  • very new to card making!

    Hi All
    I am so new to card making I haven't even made one yet, but I have ordered myself lots of bits from e bay and I have to wait for them to arrive now 9-14 days of waiting-ohhhhhhh!!! Because I now live in Turkey.
    I have stamps coming and I just wondered what type of ink I should buy-pads or pens? Some of the stamps are big and wouldn't fit on the pad-what could I do about that. I am thinking about getting a clear ink it pad because I would like to some embossing with powders. Or should I get pens??
    Also I would like to buy an embossing pen-clear but the people on e bay aren't getting back to me, I just keep asking is it clear but no responce-it just says whispers embossing pen, and has very light blue lids-does that mean it is clear???

    And one more question-where do you all buy your supplies-does anybody know of anywhere where shipping is reasonable internationally-often I get charged a certain amount, but it would be nice to have it go on weight I think.
    Thanks all for your help, and I look forward to seeing your creations.

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    Hi Crystalgirl, to the forum. I'm also a card-maker. Ok, stamping..... I'm not an expert at this, but I've been successful with both stamppads and pens, it's all a matter of taste really. i usually stamp with the pad and then colour with the pens.......if that helps lol. As for the size of the pads/stamps, it doesn't matter because instead of pushing the stamp onto the pad, you can pat the pad over the stamp....if you know what I mean - that way the whole stamp gets covered. As for the clear embossing pen - again, not my expertise, but I'm sure someone will be along who knows the answer.

    I tend not to buy ready made card blanks - I buy A4 card in bulk (works out cheaper that way). I can cut it in half to make smaller cards or leave it as is to make larger ones. I would suggest trying to find a supplier locally, that way you can make a deal with them to get a bargain. I go into a local craft supplies shop so often now, they tend to give me a discount

    Most importantly, have fun and let your imagination run riot.

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      and hello from me!!

      One thing is for sure - you'll also be addicted to this forum!!

      Good luck with the card making and once you get to 25 posts then you can add links etc. The best way to showcase your work is to get a blog and then you can put the link in your signature.

      Good luck!!


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        from me too

        I bet it's lovely in Turkey always wanted to go
        Tina xx
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          If you come do come to the fethiye it is apsolutely stunning!


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            Hi, welcome to the forum! I'm pretty sure the pen you are talking about is clear. I had the same issue when I was looking for one on Ebay so I bought it anyway and it did turn out to be clear luckily. It sounds like you are looking at the same one.
            With regards to postage, I find it works out better to find a supplier that sells lots of things and combines postage. That way you can keep costs low.
            Good luck with your cards, I'm looking forward to seeing what you make. x