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Anyone used Flower Soft?

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  • Anyone used Flower Soft?

    I was just wondering if anyone here has used Flower Soft, and if they have what is it actually made of? Is it like tissue paper, or is it plastic? Or is it something completely different?

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    I bought some a couple of weeks ago christamas vitage and white ivory to make some chrismas cards with. Not used it yet though.

    Im not sure what its made of it got a funny feel to it. soft but kind of crispy at the same time. It not got a plastic feel to it though.

    Sara x


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      I've not used it either but doesn't it look fab? They say to take it out of its little pot and transfer it to a bigger container/sandwich box, to allow it to expand. Also to make sure you use the very sticky glue that comes with it. Not sure what it's made of, do you think it's like shredded foam/sponge? I do fancy getting some to try and make the miniature flower bouquets and dotting it around the card edge to do trailing flowery borders instead of peel offs. Could you let us know how you get on with it please? thank you
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