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Adding colour to stamped images?

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  • Adding colour to stamped images?

    Hi there,

    How is everybody doing? I've been mega busy with the kids at the moment, but I've still been lurking on here

    Just a quick question really. I've been using lots of rubber stamps at the moment (clear acrylic ones, love em!) but I'm wanting to add a bit of colour to them. I've read about 'piecing' stamped images together to add a bit of colour. Is this an effective technique?

    Or would I be better to try and colour them in? If so, what's the best kind of pen/ink to use to get a good, professional looking finish?

    Many thanks in advance,

    Helen X

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    several ways to add colour to stamped images...

    1) use a multi tonal ink which has several colours on it already..

    2) Use felt tip pens to colour in or brush markers (not permanent ones obviously) once you have the colours where you want them, you simply breath on the stamp...a little like making a ha sound, when you mist up a window to write on it like when you were a kid (hope you understand that, as its easy to show, hard to

    3) You can get marvy(?) markers although very expensive especially if bought in odd ones and although they dry slower, not much different to brush pens really...

    4) You can also use small pieces of sponge (dabbers) you can buy these or make them yourself out of tooth paste / puree tops and bits of sponge
    ...simply use them to dab onto your dye ink pads and then dab (hence the name) onto your image before stamping it...

    enjoy experimenting with a method which suits you and hope this

    Nutty Tigger (in progress)


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      Thanks Nutty Tiger!! Given you some love for that too!

      I just have some Derwent watercolour pencils (got them from WHSmiths a while ago and they were a bargain!) which I use.
      But have been thinking I need to try other techniques. Stamping is a bit new for me, but I've been buying the clear stamps from The Range (99p) and also the Dovecraft ones which are also 99p and there are some lovely ones. Start small I say!!


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        I use Whispers pens to colour in my stamps. They're really good cos you can blend the colours to give more depth to the image

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          Thanks for the tips everyone I'm going to try a few of them out and see what I like. I reckon that's the one of the best things about card crafting, the experimenting and then the satisfaction when you get the finish you want!


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            Thanks tip top....glad I can be of some

            The best thing really is I say I used to be callled crafty tipster on the last forum I was on and they even did a magazine article about me...there ain't nothing I don't know about saving money when it comes to;-)

            go to dash and do some work care and glad I helped..
            Nutty Tigger

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              oh..meant to add...the suggestions I gave earlier were just to add colour tot he stamp before stamping it onto the paper / card...

              If you want to add colour to the image created, then there are endless amounts of stuff to use...

              felt tips...metallic pens, pencils, watercolour paints and pencils, glass paint if on acetate...

              hope that heps?
              Nutty Tigger

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                Well, eveyone has said what there is to be said! You've talked me into havibg a dabble as I live stamping!!!! Thanks!!!


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                  If you scribble some of your felt tip pens onto a tile, acrylic block or piece of spare acetate and then use a waterbrush or paintbrush you can use your felt tips like watercolour paints, just imagine how many shades you can get from a big pack of felt tips! You can do this with the Sakura pens too (btw I got mine off an international seller on ebay direct from Japan and even with the p+p they cost a fraction of the usual price). I used to love doing black and white etching type drawings and then using watered down inks to colour wash tiny bits of the picture, like the old tinted postcards.
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                    I did experiment using glass paints - cannot find the picture right now. But, it looked pretty good.

                    Being new so much to read, but love all the tips here.


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                      OOOh I'm bug into this at the mo I'm using prisma pencils with some sansador & blending stump and also copics pens, they are both high priced but the effects are amazing!! there should be some pics on my blog if you want a peek
                      Ger xx

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                        i normally stamp and heat emboss - then colour with watercolours or watercoulor using felt pens or my inkpads.

                        x vInTaGe VioLeT x