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Prismacolor pencils.

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  • Prismacolor pencils.

    After much dilly dallying I finally treated myself to a set of prismacolor pencils and I am now eagerly awaiting Mr Postie.

    Who else uses these please and do you have any tips for a complete novice with them!

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    Hi Adele, Not seen you in a while .Sorry I can't help you as I don't have any of those. I use Derwent watercolour pencils. I think one of the tricks is not to you too much water with them and build the colour up
    UPDATED 11th November


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      I don't know what they are but they sound good!!! I'll be interested to hear what you think of them and how you use them!! Sue xx


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        Hi, I use prismacolour pencils, to colour dolls faces on fabric, they are lovely pencils You'll enjoy using them....


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          I use prisma premier pencils and i love them. The only tips i have are the way i find they work best for me:

          Just colour the outline. If there is a large space to fill do the outline a bit wider pressing a bit lighter as your moving in.

          Wet your paper stub with the sansador then move the colour from the outline to the middle of your image using circular motions (the colour will get lighter the more towards the middle). Add extra bits of colour to any parts you would like a bit darker such as a crease in clothing on an image etc.

          Don't use staz-on as this will bleed with the sansador. I use impress ink which i think works great.

          When colouring i do lighter parts of the image first such as skintones then spread that colour before i move onto the next otherwise there is a risk of dragging darker colours onto the lighter coloured areas.

          To clean your paper stubs i use an Emory board to file the colour off (i don't bother though if i am moving from a real light colour to a dark one).

          If you find your paper stumps are losing to much of there point, gently sharpen using a pencil sharpner only turning and pulling out a bit at a time.

          I hope that all makes sense, it's quite hard without showing.
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