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  • Beginner classes ideas

    Hoping to pick some brains here, I'm going to be running some beginner card making classes soon and wondered what kind of things to cover - I want to get the attendees interested and engrossed without scaring them away with anything too technical. Was thinking I could do one class on heat embossing and possibly stamping (or whould that be better as 2 seperate classes?) but what other areas would you suggest?

    Likely to have only 4-6 in a class and each session probably 1.5 - 2 hours long

    Ta ver muchly in advance
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    I would definatly say stamping and embossing as it's great fun for us beginners and very quick easy results.
    I personally would love to get some help and inspiration with pop-up cards and cards that do things as I'm starting to find basic A6 a bit boring now lol.
    I've been having a go at decoupage for the first time this evening and I'm really pleased with how they've worked out. If I can do it anyone can!
    How about a lesson using only free items that they have to salvage from items they would have thrown away nomally?
    I wish there were classes near me, I could do with a few pointers. I hope they go well for you. x


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      matting and layering,iris folding is easy to pick up with some lovely results.shrink plastic is great fun.the list could go on as there are so many techniques you could teach,what great fun.
      Jan xx


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        Hi Natty,

        Sorry I can't help but thought I would say "aren't you busy enough with the new shop" you must be mad - are you craming 25 hours into a day somehow.

        Only kidding good luck with it.



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