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Lovely parcel arrived!!!!

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  • Lovely parcel arrived!!!!

    Ooh! I,m so pleased!!! I have just come home from shopping and my parcel of toppers has arrived from Ruthy Tip Top!!!!! Gorgeous, gorgeous things!!!! I ordered some 'Noddy' toppers which are absolutely gorgeous because it reminds me of when I was a little girl and used to collect the Noddy books. Another favourite of mine are Golliwogs - I used to collect and still have them -the Robertsons jam golly badges that you had to send tokens off the jam for! Tippy's golly's are gorgeous as well, I don want to part with them!!!!!!! Oh I love getting parcels!!.Hubby is away until Friday so I will start having a play with all the lovely goodies from the worlds number one Topper making person!!!!!!! Three cheers for Ruthie!!!!!Hip HipHip HipHip Hip!!!!!!!!!.
    Oh! whilst I am on line I must tell you all this!!! I walked down to the local market last Friday. I don't go all that often but whilst I was there I had a look at the card stall. I could not get over how cheap the cards were!!!! How do they do it? I have to admit to buying two. They were musical, they played Happy Birthday,three D, and quite good!!! How much? 89p each or two for £1 - yes £1. Unbelievable!!!! Sue xx

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    Glad you are happy with them! Look forward to seeing what you create with them!


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      I've just put in a big order with Ruth too and I'm very excited!!!
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