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  • I'm so excited!!!

    Oh I'm so excited!!!!!!! Did any of you read my thread a while ago about the Easter cards? Well if you didn't I'll tell you briefly. Took some little Easter cards into the village cafe (really nice place) and they said they would put them on display. I didn't go in until after Easter and they gave me them back because the Manageress had ordered loads of stuff for an Easter display and only half of it turned up so she angrily sent it back and cancelled the order so hence no display and nobody let me know even though they had my phone number!!!!! Well, today I went in for a coffee when I was shopping. One of the girls said to the Manageress ' Here's the lady who made those lovely cards at Easter'. She came and asked me if I would make some 'Teacher' cards, birthday cards and blank cards for the end of June for her 'end of school' display!!!!!! She only want about six of each to start with but I am so pleased!!!!! It is wonderful when someone approaches you, it has made me feel really good!!!What I would like to ask any of you with young children is how much you would be willing to pay if your child wanted an end of term card for theur favourite teacher? Or do they give them to all their teachers these days? I am a bit out of touch as Tim is 36 and a teacher himself!!!! Oh! I could ask him how many he ends up with at the end of the school year!
    Look forward to hearing from you! Sue xx

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    My other half's sisters get LOADS of stuff as they are both primary school teachers and both teach year 6. Don't forget learning support assistants too!


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      Well Done !!!

      Ive done some teacher cards for my craft fairs next week. It didnt cross my mind until my mum said about making some. I wasnt that convinced but everyone Ive mentioned it to have said what a good idea.

      Ive decided to price quite reasonable (abit lower than I normally would) as I think that the children mite want to buy them with their pocket money.

      Also I dont want to have them gathering dust till next year if they dont sell.

      I havent done any with teaching assistant on though - I mite make a few tonight with that on

      Sarah x


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        Well done!!

        I have baskets of cards at the boys' nursery - just completing the Fathers Day run (did very well for Valentines Day & Mothers Day) and they've asked me to do a 'general' one from early July and I'm going to include some Thank you ones as well.

        I got your message SusieQ and will respond


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          Congratulations !. I can't help with the pricing thing becasue a) i don't make cards and b) I dont have kids but just want to say Well Done!.
          by Nicki

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            Well done - sounds like thats a good contact to have and you may get asked to do more for other events/occasions!


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              hi first of all well done!

              i did a christmas fair at my childrens school last year and priced the cards at between 75p and £1.00 so the kids could buy them with there pocket money,
              I hadnt thought of doing teacher cards but if you dont mind i may borrow that idea!
              well done and good luck
              wendy xx
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                Congratulations on your order. I find that cards sell well up to £2.00 each but struggle at more than that. However my shop is in a run down area rather than an affluent one and £2.99 is a more than a fair price for a handmade card.
                Chris W.
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                  Well done you . I remember the Easter story so I'm glad they came back to you.

                  I think up to £2.00 is reasonable after you might struggle and you want the local buisness for other occasions as well.

                  Cheers Janice


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                    Congratulations! What a great opportunity! I would go with about £1.50. That would give you a bit of scope for materials but be affordable with pocket money. Good luck. x


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                      could've sworn I'd answered this post already.........hmmm. Anyway, congratulations, what a good contact to have. I'd never thought about doing 'Teacher' cards, but it's a good idea.

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